WWE Raw results: Roman Reigns wins three matches to keep Money in the Bank spot as Dean Ambrose revels in Elimination Chamber fallout

Ambrose continues to hold Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship after stealing it at Elimination Chamber

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The Authority kicked off Raw by introducing the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. Stephanie McMahon claimed that just because Dean Ambrose had the belt in hands doesn't make him a champion, it just makes him a thief. Roman Reigns interrupted to mock Rollins by stating that he had been beaten the night before.

Rollins ranted that he didn't lose and will prove that he can beat Ambrose cleanly in a rematch. Stephanie got angered by Reigns' involvement and put him up against King Barrett with his Money in the Bank slot on the line

Barrett and Reigns went pound for pound for fifteen minutes until the powerhouse was able to dodge a Bull Hammer to land a spear for the win. The Money in the Bank place was once again secured by Reigns who will be looking to get another shot at the title following his near miss at WrestleMania.

The new Intercontinental Champion Ryback was set to defend his gold against The Miz. The Big Guy was fresh off his Elimination Chamber win but before he could put his title on the line, Big Show came out and hit a KO Punch on Miz. Show then stated that he's next in line for a shot at the much sought after title as he stared down Ryback.

Big Show knocks out The Miz to confront Ryback

There was a stand off between Kevin Owens and John Cena following the NXT Champion's surprising win on Sunday. Cena was furious about his loss the night before and dropped his belt to signal for a fight. Owens also dropped his belt to hint at the challenge but changed his mind and walked backstage to keep Cena waiting for another day.

Cena confronts Owens after their Elimination Chamber battle

Dolph Ziggler rolled up Kofi Kingston for the pin early on in his match, which pleased Lana who watched on. Kingston's New Day teammates attacked Ziggler after the match until The Prime Time Players ran down to even the odds. Ziggler and Kingston then competed again but this time in a six man tag team match. Titus O'Neil ended the match with a win for his team as Ziggler joined him and Darren Young in the 'Millions of Dollars' dance.

Ziggler joins the Prime Time Players for a celebratory dance

Reigns jumped right back into action on orders of The Authority to take on Mark Henry who returned at the Elimination Chamber. The match fell to the outside before Reigns managed to climb back in before the ten count for Henry to lose. The heavyweight was irate and hit the World's Strongest Slam and Splash on Reigns.

Nikki Bella defended her Divas Championship against Paige following her title retention at the weekend. Paige was in control until the Bellas performed their classic "Twin Magic", which saw them switch roles for Brie to score the win without he referee realising.

Sheamus took on Randy Orton in an all out brawl that saw the Celtic Warrior get disqualified for being too ruthless outside of the ring. The bell didn't stop Sheamus as he delivered a continued beat down on the Viper and ended with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus looked on with a cocky smile before slowly walking away.

Sheamus attacks Randy Orton to get disqualified

Neville defeated Bo Dallas for the second night in a row and this time it was within two minutes. Dallas was unable to get much of a day as Neville swiftly climbed the top rope to land the Red Arrow for the victory. 

Reigns hits Wyatt with the spear

Roman Reigns was forced into a third match of the night, this time against Bray Wyatt. Despite The Authority's best efforts to cause a distraction, Reigns was still able to pick up the win with the Spear on Wyatt.

The Authority surround Reigns in the ring

Reigns was on the end of a huge beat down afterwards until Ambrose appeared on top of the announce table and made the save. Ambrose held the stolen title belt in his hands and celebrated with Reigns who was able to defy the odds and keep his place at Money in the Bank.


Roman Reigns defeats King Barrett

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston

Dolph Ziggler and The Prime Time Players defeated The New Day

Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry

Nikki Bella defeated Paige

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus by DQ

Neville defeated Bo Dallas

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt