WWE Raw results: Tensions boil over as Triple H and Daniel Bryan tangle, with attention turning to Wrestlemania 30

Handcuffed and defenceless, Daniel Bryan takes a beating from Triple H, who looks towards a Wrestlemania victory and title shot

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After Daniel Bryan and his army of followers ‘occupied Raw’ last week, Triple H started off this week’s show by dealing with all things Wrestlemania.

As well as his own match to consider, he also faced the backlash of Randy Orton and Batista. Both superstars were unhappy with the fact that Bryan would be added to their title match if he was victorious against Triple H.

The situation exploded further when the COO announced that the match would stand as a ‘Triple-Threat’ match whatever the situation, and if he emerged as the winner, he would join the match.

It certainly added an interesting dimension to proceedings, as either winner would without doubt spice up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. While Bryan may be the crowd favourite in the scenario, and it is certainly deserving of being in the match, seeing Triple H back in the title picture could provide a fascinating outcome.

With Orton later to face Bryan in a no-DQ match, Raw moved on to tag-team action, with champions the Usos taking on the unstable Real Americans. The pair managed to put aside their differences and delivered a dominant performance to overcome the energetic Usos.

Cesaro and Swagger controlled throughout, and while it seemed like the Usos were putting themselves in a position to overcome their opponents, a devastating uppercut from outside the ring decided their fate and allowed Cesaro to grab the pin. Their triumph could put them in the title picture, especially after such a thrilling performance against the champions.

Wade Barrett made an appearance, and while the English superstar has been out of action for some time, he was present in order to condemn anyone celebrating St. Patricks Day in a typically amusing ‘Bad News’ style. This was not to faze the next wrestler in action however, and Sheamus appeared to compete against Titus O’Neil in a ‘St. Patricks Day battle’.

Entering the ring in an Ireland rugby union jersey, the Irish superstar celebrated the holiday in the best way possible, with a convincing victory. He went on to announce his participation in the Wrestlemania battle royal match, before being attacked by fellow entrant Christian.

John Cena was next out on Raw to address his legacy as well as the issue of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt in recent weeks has condemned Cena and how his effect on the WWE Universe is all a lie and appeared backstage in his opponent’s merchandise in another attempt to taunt him.

Wyatt’s psychotic persona certainly provides a huge contrast to the huge personality of John Cena and is appearing as the focal point in the build-up to their Wrestlemania clash.

Viper vs Goat

The next match of the evening certainly livened up the crowd as leader of the Yes! Movement, Daniel Bryan took on Randy Orton in the no-disqualification match that was made as the show kicked off.

After demonstrating his influence over the WWE Universe last week on Raw, Bryan was given the opportunity to face-off with a familiar rival, and someone whose belt he could be stealing at Wrestlemania.

Orton begun the match in a dominant fashion, however, with the type of match suiting the level of brutality he brings to the WWE. The champion used the rules to his advantage, beating Bryan with a kendo stick and throwing him at the announcers table. He continued to control the match, but interference inevitably decided the outcome, and Bryan was victorious.

While it seemed that Batista had left the building earlier in the evening, he returned to deliver a spear to Orton. Bryan then hit Batista with a flying kick, and pinned Orton to claim the win.

The attention soon turned to the Undertaker-Lesnar clash, and with neither superstar present in San Antonio, it was down to Paul Heyman to do the talking and try to fire things up, claiming that ‘his client’ Lesnar would be the one to end the infamous streak.

In what was turning out to be a Raw lacking in action, the night’s fourth match saw a bizarre encounter between Fandango and Goldust. Goldust lived up to his odd reputation, as he continually taunted his opponent’s affection for all things dance, but eventually managed to gain the win.

Defying The Authority

The lack of action then continued with ‘Corporate’ Kane deciding that Daniel Bryan’s ‘Occupy Raw’ stunt was helped by commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

It turned out to be a chance for The Shield to prove their loyalty to The Authority, and while it appeared they were co-operating with Kane’s plans to attack Lawler, they soon turned on the Director of Operations.

The Hounds of Justice delivered a Triple Powerbomb to Kane, and while it seemed like the faction were crumbling, they appear to be united in a fight against the former ‘Big Red Machine’.

The Authority would be involved in the evening’s action once again, with Daniel Bryan and Triple H set for ‘talks’ towards the end of the show.

Next up however, was a tag-team match between the team of AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka going up against the Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron. Seemingly at a disadvantage wearing an eye-patch, Naomi grabbed the win after a recent absence.

Raw then saw an eight-man tag match, with Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Mark Henry and Big E Langston taking on the team of Alberto Del Rio, Rybaxel and Damien Sandow. A predictably chaotic encounter, Big Show grabbed his team the win with a chokeslam on Sandow.

Bray Wyatt then faced off with Kofi Kingston, with Wyatt grabbing the win via the Sister Abigail in a ruthless victory.

The show concluded with the Triple H and Daniel Bryan ‘talks’, where the COO outlined his intentions to put an end to the uprising of his opponent and the ‘Yes! Movement’. It seemed that the evening would end in tame circumstances due to the calm manner that Triple H’s speech, but the appearance of Stephanie McMahon changed the situation.

A squad of ‘police officers’ came down to the ring to arrest Bryan, and after handcuffing him, it was inevitably revealed that they weren’t real and the situation was an opportunity for Triple H and his wife to launch a vicious and brutal attack against the defenceless Daniel Bryan.