WWE Raw results: The Hounds get justice while the Deadman rises once again to devastate Brock Lesnar

The Shield runs wild on Raw after being attacked on Smackdown and the Undertaker rises from a coffin to stun Lesnar and Heyman

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After a reminder of the brutal attack on Daniel Bryan via the hands of Triple H last week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon kicked off this week’s show by revealing Bryan would not be making an appearance.

She revealed that the devastating attack on the helpless superstar was a message, to make sure that he and the 'Yes! Movement' were truly aware who is in charge at the WWE.

Randy Orton appeared, soon to be followed by Batista, who both signalled their intentions for the WWE World Heavyweight bout at Wrestlemania XXX. Chants of 'boring' summed up the familiar situation of too much talking, not enough action but at least problems with Batista's microphone kept things humorous.

Stephanie slapped Batista before leaving, who responded by delivering a huge spear to the amused Orton.

The match to follow the early commotion was an Intercontinental number one contender's fatal-four-way match, with Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus squaring off.

Champion Big E Langston watched from ringside in what was an action-packed encounter, and despite the best efforts of Ziggler who came close to victory on a number of occasions, it was Christian who emerged victorious.

Sin Cara was the next superstar to compete but his entrance was unorthodox to say the least. Accompanied by Scooby Doo and entering the arena via the 'Mystery Machine', it didn't take long for the high-flying luchador to defeat his opponent Damien Sandow.

Sandow probably would have got away with the victory, if it wasn't for, well, you know the rest.

All things Scooby then switched to all things Smackdown, as the WWE Universe were reminded of Director of Operations Kane's attack on the Shield, with the help of the New Age Outlaws. Their rivalry seems to have reached boiling point, and will surely lead to a Wrestlemania match-up.

Rybaxel were then involved in tag-team action against Los Matadores, with it being announced that they would receive a title match against the Usos at the pay-per-view event as a result of them assisting Kane's ruthless attack on Friday night. The match was short-lived, with The Shield causing a distraction, allowing Los Matadores to get the win.

The Shield didn't stop there, getting their revenge with a devastating triple powerbomb to Ryback.

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The King of Kings

After his wife had already taken to the stage earlier in the evening, Triple H made his appearance on Raw as part of an 'in-ring interview' with commentator Michael Cole. He was quick to justify his actions last week by making it clear that he attacked Bryan as a competitor, rather than as the COO of the WWE.

Triple H stated that Bryan got what he wanted and that his constant demands to fight 'the Game' led to the incident, bringing out the fighter in him and he also promised to end the rise of his opponent at the match at Wrestlemania, as well as vowing to take the title from Randy Orton.

He also stated it was time for the 'Reality Era' claiming it was time for the Universe to start being real rather than 'soft'.

Swiftly moving on, Fandango vs Cody Rhodes was the next match of the night, and after Rhodes' brother Goldust was victorious in the same match last week, Fandango looked for revenge. He wouldn't be successful however and Cody grabbed the victory.

Hulk Hogan was next to grace the show with his presence, once again plugging Wrestlemania 30, which is only two weeks away. He was then joined by guests, stars of the new film 'Sabotage', Joe Manganiello and Hollywood legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger. After bizarrely announcing their intentions to enter the 'Andre the Giant Battle Royal', the Miz came out to question what was happening.

He'll be hoping he lasts longer in the actual event, however, and was promptly attacked by 'Arnie' and Manganiello and thrown out of the ring by the Hulkster. Oh Brother.

After this 'action', the Big Show defeated Titus O'Neil via his patented knockout punch, before John Cena took on Wyatt Family member Luke Harper.

Cena last week on Raw admitted that he was 'scared' of Bray Wyatt and the power of his influence over the WWE Universe. Cena was noticeably shaken backstage as he prepared for the match, and Harper exploited this, dominating the early exchanges.

Cena eventually fought back, but on the verge of victory, the eerie Wyatt Family music screeched and the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Cena was tangled in the ropes wearing the lamb mask usually sported by Erick Rowan. Cena may have technically won the match, but the psychological battle continues to be dominated by the Wyatt's.

After a non-match between AJ Lee and Naomi due to AJ being counted out purposely, Vickie Guerrero appeared to announce the Divas champion would defend her title in a huge match at Wrestlemania with virtually every diva involved, including Tamina Snuka.

The Hounds getting justice

The Shield, after being promised a match earlier in the evening by Triple H, appeared for the second time in the evening, with members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins facing off against The Real Americans. The pair launched an attack on their opponents before the match could even begin in what led to a fiery encounter.

It certainly proved to be one of the better matches of the night, with the Shield attacking in their forceful, technical style in contrast to the brutal and calculated nature of the Real Americans. Cesaro was swinging (Ambrose) and Rollins was flinging (Cesaro, over the ropes), providing a brilliant spectacle.

Rollins eventually captured the win, with the 'peace of mind' on Swagger and The Shield continued to show their dominance by slamming Cesaro through the announcer's table.

Kane and the New Age Outlaws then appeared to confirm what was expected, a match between them at Wrestlemania.

The Walking Deadman

The show ended with the appearance of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, with Lesnar desperate to fight with the Undertaker, calling him out in the process.

Undertaker's music did not 'hit', instead a group of cloaked men carried a coffin to the ringside while a spooky, gothic soundtrack played instead.

Lesnar kicked the casket to try and make the Undertaker appear and upon opening it, realised it was empty. It would not stay empty for long, however, and while it seemed that the Undertaker would not appear, the casket re-opened, this time with the Phenom inside.

He launched an attack on the stunned Lesnar who was once against bested by the Undertaker, giving the crowd a taste of their upcoming clash at Wrestlemania 30.

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