WWE Raw results: The Shield hunt for vengeance over Evolution as Kane puts Daniel Bryan's future in doubt

The Hounds of Justice ambush Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista after last week's attack while Bryan announces he requires neck surgery only for Kane to wreak his havoc once more

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After receiving a beating at the hands of Evolution last week on Raw, The Shield kicked off this week’s show to tell the WWE Universe exactly what they wanted: revenge.

Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose outlined their intentions, saying they would hunt down Evolution on the show as a response to the attack last week. The arrival of a limo backstage prompted the Hounds of Justice to act, and they rushed backstage to launch an assault on Triple H, Orton and Batista. With Payback being the next PPV event, another Shield-Evolution clash will be very much on the cards.

The lively start to Raw continued with a clash between Rob van Dam and Jack Swagger, accompanied by Zeb Colter, who before the match kicked off once again showed off his ‘deportation list’. On the list was Adam Rose, who last week interrupted Swagger and Colter on his Raw debut. And before the match could even begin, Rose’s music hit and it was ‘party time’ once again.

Rose entered the arena with his lively and colourful entourage, which as a result, caused enough of a distraction to allow Van Dam to win the match. The Exotic Express is certainly causing problems for the remaining two Real Americans.

The attention then turned to the Divas Champion Paige, who since becoming champion has been making waves in the WWE. As a result, this apparently has left her unpopular with the other Diva’s, and Alicia Fox told her she ‘didn’t fit in’ before launching a brutal assault against her before the match could start.

The aggression and supremacy from Fox continued, but the resilient champion dug down deep to grab a victory from virtually nowhere. This led to Fox taking her anger out via a tantrum, which saw her steal JBL’s hat.

Really, don’t try this at home

After last week’s drama, that saw Daniel Bryan and wife Brie Bella escape from Raw to avoid the clutches of Kane, Bryan turned up this week to address the WWE Universe.

Bryan reminisced about becoming champion and overcoming odds to do so, but soon revealed that as a result of continuously putting his body on the line against superstars such as Kane, he would require neck surgery this week.

This left a massive question mark over the future of Bryan, who was unable to reveal when he would be back, but reassured everyone that he will be back at some point and that his career isn’t over.

Bryan of course is a huge favourite in the WWE and will be sorely missed in his absence, but at least the WWE Universe still have Bray Wyatt, whose rivalry with John Cena continues to gain momentum.

WWE release touching video to Bryan's 'biggest fan'

The pair would clash on Raw, but wouldn’t be alone, with Cena being accompanied by the Usos to take on all three members of the Wyatt Family in a six-man tag match.

The interchanging Usos started the strongest in the match, not even needing Cena to try and gain the advantage. The momentum began to swing, however, and the Wyatt’s soon gained control. The vicious style adopted by all three members allowed to them to cause huge damage to Jimmy and Jey, but the introduction of Cena levelled the playing field.

His arrival in the match conjured chaos, with everyone involved in the match getting in on the action before Cena could finally gain victory via the Attitude Adjustment to Erick Rowan.

Breaking The Shield

After earlier being attacked at the beginning of the show, Evolution came down to the ring to respond to The Shield, announcing they would clash again at Payback.

Triple H ridiculed their earlier attempt at an ambush, and outlined how they would defeat their opponents by making them suffer, in particular saying how they would focus on Reigns.

This, however, prompted another attack from The Shield who once again gained the upper hand. This stirred up Batista, who called Reigns out for a match later in the evening.

With the Animal vs the Powerhouse still to come, the action continued with Nikki Bella taking on Natalya amid more promotion for WWE reality show, Total Divas. Nikki gained the win, much to the frustration of Natalya.

Following this, new United States Champion Sheamus would face either Ryback or Curtis Axel, as soon as they decided, via a coin flip. The coin decided Axel, and presented him with a huge opportunity to impress. Axel fought well, but a Cloverleaf from Sheamus made him tap-out.

Ambrose losing the US Title - the alternative ending

This led to another match, however, with Ryback entering the ring challenging the Irish superstar to another fight, which he accepted.  The Big Guy looked to take advantage, but despite fighting well, also fell foul to the power of the champion, and was hit by a Brogue kick to secure back-to-back victories for Sheamus.

Stephanie McMahon then showed up on Raw, and called out Daniel Bryan to address an issue that needed to be dealt with ‘face to face’.

Instead of Bryan’s music hitting, however, Kane’s music exploded and the Big Red Machine dragged a battered and lifeless Bryan out on stage. The WWE Universe chanted the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s name, as he was escorted from the arena by paramedics in a period of uncertainty concerning the nature of his injuries.

With Bryan in an ambulance, the attention turned to Dolph Ziggler taking on Fandango. The match was an exciting affair, and was ultimately decided by the distraction of Fandango’s dance partner Layla. But it was Ziggler who grabbed the win, trouncing his occupied opponent with a Zig Zag.

Before the main event on Raw, the WWE Universe was treated to the appearance of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, star of WWE Network hit show ‘Legends House’. He was soon to be interrupted, however, and Alexander Rusev was sent down to the ring and instructed by Lana to ‘crush’ Duggan.

Big E Langston ran down to the ring in aid of the WWE legend, but instead ended up taking all of the damage as the Bulgarian Brute decimated him with a powerful attack.

This was followed by Damien Sandow who took on former tag partner Cody Rhodes, in a clash that saw Rhodes pick up the win after a Disaster Kick put Sandow down.

Battle of the Big Dogs

The main event on Raw was next up to conclude the show, with Batista of Evolution taking on Roman Reigns of the Shield.

With Reigns, considered to be the most powerful member of The Shield, taking on one of the most physical superstars in Evolution and the WWE, Batista, it was always likely to be a huge clash.

The pair traded forceful blows throughout, but it was only a matter of time before the other members of the two factions got involved in proceedings. Rollins and Ambrose initially took on Triple H and Orton, but interference from the COO decided the fate of the match.

The Hounds of Justice could smell blood, and looked to enact revenge upon the trio. But they were soon to be outnumbered, as Stephanie McMahon sent an array of locker room talent to cause them damage.

It seemed like they would be bested, but The Shield, in a buoyant mood, soon cleared the ring with a series of steel chair attacks from Ambrose and Rollins, who supported Reigns after he hit a huge Spear on Triple H. The Shield finished their battling with a triple powerbomb on Ryback, sending a clear message to Evolution.

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