WWE Smackdown results: Chris Jericho returns to Liverpool to question The Authority while Bray Wyatt sends personal message to Dean Ambrose

Smackdown came to Liverpool as tensions continue to increase ahead of Survivor Series

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Chris Jericho’s returned to the WWE to welcome Liverpool to his Highlight Reel, the famous countdown is even back as part of the veteran’s entrance.

Jericho invited The Authority down to the ring as his special guests but Triple H and Stephanie McMahon didn’t take their appearance so lightly. The power couple questioned the integrity of Jericho and the UK audience by saying that even though they don’t accept their dominance, which is in jeopardy in their Survivor Series match, without them there would be no WWE.

Triple H continued that he doesn’t need the crowd’s acceptance because “The wolf does not need to be embraced by sheep”. The COO then told Jericho to enjoy his laugh because at Survivor Series it will be The Authority tearing through Team Cena. The Authority concluded that Jericho should think about what he says as he may not be returning another time if they decide to erase him from the company.

Bray Wyatt took on Sin Cara to start the first match of the night as “The Eater of the Worlds” looked to send a message to Dean Ambrose. Wyatt dominated the match with a series of side slams before creepily taunting his opponent to set up his finisher. The powerhouse landed the Sister Abigail to earn an easy victory as the announcers commentated on how fresh he looked.

Wyatt got on the microphone following the match to say that he can hear Ambrose screaming because he knows about all those lonely nights that he felt alone and unwanted. The occulted man then continued that even though Ambrose is broken from all those nights that his father didn’t come home, he will be able to fix him if he joins his mission. Ambrose marched down and hit Wyatt with a right hook but his rival rolled out of the ring and said Ambrose should follow him and he will never be in the dark again.

The Dust Brothers took on Adam Rose and Bunny in a non-title tag team match. Bunny hit the Bunny Drop on Stardust and went for a high risk manoeuvre to finish the match. Adam Rose signalled for a tag in but Bunny decided to take the leap, which was blocked by Stardust to roll up for the victory. Rose was furious that Bunny didn’t listen to him when he signalled for the tag in and hit the Party Foul on his companion. Rose didn’t show any remorse for his actions and continued to party with the Exotic Express.

The British crowd were treated to Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Champion as Dolph Ziggler was ordered by The Authority to defend against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. Kidd locked the Sharpshooter on Ziggler and Cesaro joined in the submission to lock in the Crossface. Ziggler had no way out but Kidd broke his hold to attack Cesaro but the “Swiss Superman” countered into the Cesaro Swing.

“The Show Off” managed to regain his momentum and spin around Cesaro to hit the Zig Zag but Kidd threw Ziggler out of the ring to pin Cesaro and eliminate him. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome” as all three Superstars used their acclaimed technical wrestling ability to yearn for the gold. Kidd locked in another Sharpshooter but the Hart Dungeon alumni was unable to keep the hold locked in as Ziggler countered to land his second Zig Zag of the night and retain his title.

Natalya took on Layla as Summer Rae watched on to motivate her tag-team partner. The two veteran Divas looked to slow each other down with a series of headlocks but the match sped up when the two fought outside the ring. Natalya gave a huge slap to Summer before Layla inadvertently clotheslined her partner. The Calgary native was able to take advantage of the distraction and lock Layla in a Sharpshooter to win the match.

Ambrose was shown backstage taking an interview with Byron Saxton but Wyatt attacked the “Unstable” one from behind and delivered a Sister Abigail into the wall. Wyatt held Ambrose in his hands and told him that once they put a label on him, they will put him in a box and once that happens the next box he will be in will be in the ground.

Ryback stares down Triple H

Ryback took on Kane in the main event of the night but the Director of Operations ended the match early by hitting “The Big Guy” in the stomach with a steel chair. Ryback was however able to defy a post-match beat down by delivering a thunderous Spinebuster on his rival. The recently returned Superstar then sent a chain of chair shots to a grounded Kane before turning his attention to Triple H. The COO was still evidently furious that Ryback was going against The Authority’s wishes on Raw by joining Team Cena and the show closed with a tensed stare down between the two.

This week’s show was full of fast-paced matches that helped develop the angles as Survivor Series approaches on November 23. The personal rivalry between Wyatt and Ambrose has reached boiling point and the two will be raring to tear each other apart at the second longest running pay-per-view of the year. The Authority are vying to show no weakness but Jericho, Ziggler and Ryback all highlighted flaws in their dominance, which could be a sign of the result at Survivor Series as they have to give up their posts if they lose.