WWE Smackdown Results: Daniel Bryan and Kane battle in a Casket Match while John Cena issues a challenge to Rusev


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Triple H kicked off the show by addressing the controversial week in WWE following the fan reaction at the Royal Rumble and the cancellation of Monday Night Raw.

“The Game” told the crowd that the company was also asked to postpone the show again but that they made sure to welcome the Hartford, Connecticut faithful to Smackdown. The COO then turned his attention to WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view, Fast Lane, where he said he will address Sting for the first time following his interferences with The Authority.

Triple H talked of how badly the fans reacted to Roman Reigns’ Rumble win and that he’s never heard such a negative reaction before, he also mentioned how the affair was covered everywhere in the news. The leader of The Authority concluded by stating that he will make an announcement regarding the controversy on Monday Night Raw that will shake the whole WWE Universe.

Roman Reigns’ music hit for the Royal Rumble winner to stare down Triple H in the ring before The Big Show made his way down to the ring to take Reigns on. Big Show dominated over Reigns with a series of submission holds targeting Reigns’ leg. Show then climbed the top rope where Reigns was able turn the tables and hit the Superman Punch on the turnbuckle before overhead dropping him to the floor. Reigns hit a thunderous Spear on Show for him to pin and keep his winning momentum going. The fans were still booing the former Shield member as he celebrated in the ring and it will be a rocky road for him going into the main event at WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins walked down the ramp and boasted to the audience that he told them that he was the future of the company and he proved that he is. “The Architect” said he broke Brock Lesnar’s ribs, which is something the John Cena and The Undertaker can’t brag of. “Mr Money in the Bank” said that even though he didn’t win the WWE Championship, he has the briefcase, which will ensure that he soon be the champion. Rollins challenged anyone in the back to a fight, to which Ryback stormed down to take on. J and J Security however attacked “The Big Guy”, for Erick Rowan to run down to attempt a save but was unable to as Rollins further dominated. Dolph Ziggler ran down to even the odds as Rollins and his security retreated to the stage in a lucky escape.

Jey Uso took on Tyson Kidd in a singles match while their tag team partners watched on from ringside. Jey was in control of the match but Cesaro climbed the apron to cause a brief distraction. Jimmy soon got involved and ran over the stairs to clothesline Cesaro to the floor. Jey finally returned his attention to the match but Kidd was quick to react and delivered a Dropkick to the knee to gain momentum. Kidd wrapped up the bout with a Swinging Neckbreaker on Jey before celebrating with Cesaro and his wife Natayla.

Rusev entered the ring to tell the fans that he should be the one going to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania as he’s the only undefeated man in the WWE. “The Big Russian” then stated that instead of a championship slot, he’s been given a match against a man with no championships in John Cena. Rusev said that Cena doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him at Fast Lane as he’s a man in the past. Cena then arrived to remind Rusev that he’s dealing with a fifteen time World Champion, a two time Royal Rumble winner, a ten time WrestleMania liner and “The face that runs the place”. Cena challenged Rusev to fight right there and then but Lana told her client not to waste his time on him as the two walked away to the back.

The Ascension faced The Dust Brothers in a tag-team match as the new arrivals looked to add to their winning streak following their dominance over The New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble. Stardust tagged himself in before Connor threw Goldust out of the ring and set up “The Fall of Man” on the younger of the two brothers to earn the win. Goldust looked bemused at the fact that Stardust tagged himself in while he was in control as The Ascension looked proud of adding to their victory tally.

The main event of the night saw Daniel Bryan take on Kane in a Casket Match. Kane looked the most comfortable in one of his signature matches but Bryan was able to take “The Big Red Monster” to the limits with his agility. Kane had enough of Bryan’s skill and attacked him with a steel chair repeatedly before dragging him to the casket in an attempt to finish the match. Bryan however was able to fight out of the casket following a Chokeslam and wrapped a Yes Lock on Kane in the casket. The submission was not enough to make Kane pass out and was able to stop the door from closing and continued he match. Bryan finally managed to overcome Kane and hit a Running Knee right into the casket and finished by closing the lid to win the whole match. Bryan was able to end the week on a high after his disappointing Royal Rumble showing and will be looking to climb the ladder on his road to WrestleMania.


Roman Reigns defeated The Big Show

Tyson Kidd defeated Jey Uso

The Ascension defeated Goldust and Stardust

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a casket match