WWE Smackdown results: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have one last stand-off before Money in the Bank showdown

Title contenders clash verbally ahead of Sunday's showdown while chaos ensues between the Money in the Bank challengers

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Smackdown kicked off with the self proclaimed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose entering through the crowd. Ambrose told Seth Rollins that he hopes he remembers how it feels to look up at him holding the title like he did on Raw as he will make it official at Money in the Bank.

Rollins stormed down the ramp to demand for his title back, to which Ambrose surprisingly obliged. Just as the champion went to pick up his title, Ambrose told him that it's not actually the real title and that he lost it somewhere in Louisiana. Just as Rollins went into a tantrum, Kane entered the void to tell him that he will be all alone on Sunday night just like he will be tonight when he faces Dolph Ziggler.

The Intercontinental Champion, Ryback, took on The Miz to prepare for his showdown with Big Show later this weekend. The Big Guy won the match with the Shell Shock but his celebrations were cut short as Big Show approached the ramp. 

The World's Largest Athlete told his upcoming opponent that no matter how hungry he gets, he won't be able to digest him. Ryback responded by telling Big Show to come and fight but Show left him waiting by saying his feeding time is on Sunday.

King Barrett made easy work out of Jack Swagger with a sudden Bull Hammer early on. R-Truth tried to distract Barrett, who he will be facing in the Money in the Bank pre-show, but Barrett remained composed to win within two minutes.

Rollins and Ziggler put on another one of their spectacles with the technicians battling to outwit each other. Despite Ziggler's impressive Crossbody, Rollins managed to escape with a win by rolling over and grabbing the tights for leverage. Rollins looked proud with his win as he once again switches his attention back to Ambrose.

A determined Paige dominated over Alicia Fox and forced her to tap out with the PTO. The Norwich native looked confident and focused ahead of her Divas Championship shot against Nikki Bella as she looked to add another title to her record.

The main event was a six man tag team match as Roman Reigns teamed up with Randy Orton and Neville to take on Kane, Kofi Kingston and Sheamus. All six men will be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and they all showed their worth by hitting their finishers in the climax. Reigns had the match in the bag wit a mid air Superman Punch to Kingston but New Day interfered to end the match via DQ. 

New Day set up a ladder in the ring but Ziggler ran down to even the odds. Neville then climbed the ladder to spectacularly leap to the outside on top of every other man before climbing back up to grab the hanging briefcase. The Man That Gravity Forgot heads into the pay per view as the last man standing and could mark his place in history. 


Ryback defeated The Miz

King Barrett defeated Jack Swagger

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler

Paige defeated Alicia Fox

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Neville defeated Sheamus, Kane and Kofi Kingston via DQ