WWE Smackdown results: Dean Ambrose bounces back after attack from Bray Wyatt

A Halloween special haunted Smackdown on Friday as Ambrose took on Cesaro in an aptly-named Halloween street fight

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This week's Smackdown was a special Halloween themed edition that kicked off with a fancy dress battle royal for an opportunity at the WWE Divas Championship.

Brie Bella was slated to take part in the match and dressed as her patent Daniel Bryan by even wearing a fake beard but Nikki stopped her entering as part of her terms of being her personal assistant. Alicia Fox speared Paige through the Ropes, which not only eliminated her new rival but herself as well to enable Nikki to be the last woman standing and the new number one contender to the Divas Championship.

Seth Rollins made his way to the ring with Corporate Kane and his security guards Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Rollins said that he knows he sold out but the fans should be thanking him as they're now in the presence of greatness. Kane then had a few choice words for Dolph Ziggler as he's associating himself with John Cena's team against The Authority at Survivor Series. Ziggler's music hit before Kane could continue as a rematch from Raw had been organised between the two. 

Ziggler nearly pulled a second win over Kane but "The Devil's Favourite Demon" countered a swinging DDT into a Chokeslam to pick up the victory. Kane didn't waste any time in celebrating and picked up "The Show Off" up to lay another Chokseslam. Kane told a knocked out Ziggler that he actually had another match right then against Rollins. The "Money in the Bank" briefcase holder entered the ring and scoped a helpless Ziggler before laying him out cold again with the Curb Stomp. The Authority members gloated in the ring as the commentators complained about how Kane was abusing his power set by Triple H.

Heath Slater took on his former Nexus stable mate, Ryback in a very short bout. Ryback is back to how old ways of being able to finish off his opponents in just minutes as he dominated Slater before landing the Shell Shock with ease for the win. The fans responded well to Ryback following over a year as the role of the antagonist but now he's on the path for a strong push.

It was fright night on Smackdown as the WWE celebrated Halloween

The Miz hosted Miz TV alongside his stunt double Mizdow. Miz invited his special guest Mark Henry to explain his betrayal of The Big Show on Raw. Henry said that he was fed up of the way Big Show tried to protect Henry and felt that Show tried to undermine him. Henry claimed that the business is not about size but actually about strength. Cue Big Show's entrance music. Show ran straight into the ring to attack Henry but was met with Henry's raw power as he was knocked down. Henry then lifted Show to his feet and threw him through the barricade to highlight the depths of the "World's Strongest Man".

Los Matadors entered the ring to take on the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Dust Brothers in a non-title match. The Dusts were set to win but Torito interfered to cause a distraction for Stardust while the Matadors concentrated on Goldust to gain a victory over the champions. This win will mean that the pair will soon be rewarded with a title opportunity against the brothers.

Rusev took on The Great Khali in a match that lasted only two minutes. Rusev hit a thunderous side kick to the former World Champion before applying the Accolade to win via submission. Rusev then go on the microphone to address the WWE. 'I have beaten your strongest Americans, I have beaten your giants and next I will crush your American champion' Rusev said. The Russian then said he will take the United States Championship and give it to Vladimir Putin. Sheamus approached the ramp to accept Rusev's challenge and said that he wants him to understand that he takes personal pride in representing the United States Championship. Sheamus attempted a Brogue Kick but Rusev dodged for the fight to continue another day.

Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring and claimed that Dean Ambrose is unlike the fans but is just like himself as he's a monster. Wyatt continued to state that he knows what terrible things Ambrose has done in the past but as long as he has his eyes on him, his sins will never be washed away.

The main event of the night saw Ambrose take on Cesaro in a Halloween Street Fight following "The Lunatic Fringe's" attack on the powerhouse on Raw. There was weapons galore around the ring with steel chairs, kendo sticks and even pumpkins being used by the two to attempt the win. Ambrose dived off the top turnbuckle to the outside to hit Cesaro with an elbow drop with a broom to send the "King of Swing" through a table.

Cesaro hinted at a comeback by attacking Ambrose with a steel chair but Ambrose caused a diversion by placing a pumpkin on his head. Ambrose followed up with the Dirty Deeds whilst the pumpkin was still on Cesaro's head for the three count. Ambrose celebrated around the ring with his tools artillery before placing another pumpkin on Cesaro's head to land another Dirty Deeds to end the show.

Dean Ambrose provided the creepiness during his victory over Cesaro

There has been plenty of shifts of storylines over this week with fresh angles and match ups heading towards Survivor Series. There are three new number one contenders to WWE's mid-card titles and the new rivalry between Ambrose and Wyatt is stemming to be a blockbuster over the next few months.


Nikki Bella won a Divas Battle Royal to become No 1 contender

Kane DEF Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins DEF Dolph Ziggler

Ryback DEF Heath Slater

Los Matadores DEF Stardust and Goldust

Rusev DEF The Great Khali

Dean Ambrose DEF Cesaro