WWE Smackdown Results: Dean Ambrose finally gets in the ring with Seth Rollins while Chris Jericho improves the odds against Bray Wyatt

The former Shield partners finally collided ahead of their Summerslam showdown

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The action got started right away as Cesaro made his way to the ring with a slight change in music for a match against Jack Swagger. The two stronghold grapplers were evenly matched but the “Real American” garnered some momentum following chants of “We The People” from the patriotic crowd.

“The King of Swing” had a few choice words for Zeb Coulter who was ringside to support his companion but the lapse in concentration allowed Swagger to hit a big boot following the Patriot Lock.

Cesaro quickly tapped out, which allowed Swagger to grab the American flag for a celebration that was cut short with the interruption of Lana and Rusev. The Russian duo challenged Swagger to a flag match at Summerslam, to which was met with an acceptance from the Americans as they stared each other down.

The Viper Returns As The Apex Predator

Randy Orton sluggishly walked to the ring to cut a promo on Roman Reigns following his attack on the powerhouse on Raw. Orton said that Reigns deserved the attack because he stole the chance for a WWE World Championship shot away from him. “The Viper” dared Reigns to dare him to step in the ring with him at Summerslam because he will be met with an injection of poison and signed off by telling the fan favourite to “Believe That”.

The action resumed with a rematch between Bo Dallas and R-Truth following the veteran’s conquering of the former NXT Champion’s winning streak on Monday night. The match was ended swiftly by the referee due to Dallas’ relentless ambush on R-Truth despite the official’s warning to stop. Dallas was evidently upset at his loss but still proclaimed that he “Bolieves” and knows deeply down inside that the fans “Bolieve” in him too.

AJ Lee skipped down the ramp for a match against Rosa Mendes who is the new star of the next season of Total Divas. Rosa screamed “I want a title shot”, which was met with a Black Widow by the WWE Divas Champion for the win. AJ celebrated on the stage where Paige sneaked up from behind and knocked her “Frenemy” off the stage. Paige then said shouted that AJ is her best friend despite the attack as the confused rivalry continues to set up a rematch as Summerslam.

The Authority put Dean Ambrose up against Seth Rollins and Kane in a handicap match as the “Lunatic Fringe” sought to get his hands on his former tag-team partner. The match was at a slow pace with Kane and Rollins alternating between each other to keep their opponent down. Ambrose soon had enough of the games and grabbed a steel chair and hit his opposition with it to end the match in disqualification. Ambrose landed a post-match DDT on Kane but Rollins craftily rolled out of the ring and ran up the ramp to avoid further confrontation with his rival as the tension mounts between the two.

The intensity calmed with a match between Fandango and Diego with El Torito, Summer Rae and Layla accompanying the Madadores member. Fandango had the match under control but his former girlfriends danced ringside with Torito for Diego to land the backstabber finisher to steal the win. The victorious party danced up the aisle for Fandango to look on in anger following a series of defeats at the hands of his former allies.

Dolph Ziggler took on Alberto Del Rio with The Miz on commentary to keep a close eye on the Intercontinental Championship contenders. Ziggler landed an elevated DDT on Del Rio but The Miz grabbed a mic and addressed “The Show Off” before he could go for a pin. The “Hollywood Superstar” said he wasn’t finished thanking people regarding his championship win as he went on to thank his parents again, his wife Maryse and Ziggler himself has he gave Miz the opportunity to win the title. Dolph was unable to find his way following the interruption as Del Rio locked in the cross armbreaker to win by submission.

Jericho Breaks The Code

The main event of the night saw Chis Jericho take on Erick Rowan with an added stipulation. If Y2J was able to beat The Wyatt Family member then Rowan will be banned from ringside during the proposed Summerslam match with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt watched on as Rowan manhandled the veteran with a series of body slams and throws into the ring posts.

Jericho was finally able to counter with an Enziguri and Lionsault combination but this was not enough to pin Rowan who responded with a shoulder block. Rowan tried to slow Jericho down with a bear hug but the former World Champion reversed with an Irish whip into the corner and finished with a Codebreaker for the three count. The win meant that one Wyatt Family member is now banned from ringside as Jericho signalled that he seeks to get the other one banned in the coming weeks before SummerSlam.

The rivalries are reaching boiling point as “The biggest blockbuster of the Summer” approaches in two weeks. The Ambrose vs. Rollins match is set to be the showstopper as the two workhorses continue to infuriate each other week after week. The fans witnessed the words of a newly reformed Randy Orton who has returned to the ways of the “Apex Predator” for his rivalry with Reigns. Jericho is looking fresh as ever and the battle with Wyatt is becoming more naturalised to add further value for their match on August 17.


Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro

R-Truth defeated Bo Dallas via disqualification 

AJ Lee defeated Rosa Mendes

Kane and Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification

Diego defeated Fandango

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho defeated Erick Rowan