WWE Smackdown results: Dean Ambrose names stipulation for SummerSlam showdown against Seth Rollins


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The show got started in full swing with Mark Henry and a returning Big Show realigning to take on Rybaxel in a tag team match. The formidable partnership looked very comfortable teaming with each other following their brief stint in the tag division last year before Henry got injured. Ryback attempted to get the upper hand on Henry but he found himself on the worse end just like how he did during his match against the veteran at WrestleMania 29.

Big Show tagged in to land the Showstopper on Curtis Axel while Henry delivered the World’s Strongest Slam to Ryback for the duo to pick up a victory in their first match back together. JBL and Michael Cole hinted that the pair may continue their alliance to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships down the line.

Ambrose makes the choice

Dean Ambrose frantically made his way to the ring to announce the stipulation for his match against his nemesis Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. “The Lunatic Fringe” joked around with what match type he was going to choose with a list that included a “Good Housekeeping” match, which caused Rollins to interrupt and urge his former partner to hurry up and make his real choice.

Ambrose said that there’s a list of Superstars backstage that the pair have made enemies of and they would love to see two tear each other apart. The former Shield member concluded that he wants there to be no running away so chose a Lumberjack match. Rollins showed dismay at Ambrose’s option but said that Triple H allowed him to choose Ambrose opponent that night and so put him in a match with Randy Orton for later.

The El Paso, Texas crowd gave a loud ovation to Sin Cara, who geared up for a match with Damien Sandow, who was dressed as border police. Sandow claimed that Sin Cara had been working illegally and that he will seek to deport the Luchadore, which was met with jeers from the majority Mexican American crowd. Sin Cara got retribution for Sandow’s remarks and beat the former Mr Money in the Bank with the Swanton Bomb.

Rollins challenges Ziggler

The cameras cut to backstage to show Dolph Ziggler mocking Rollins with Adam Rose and the WWE Divas but the laughter was soon halted as the Money in the Bank briefcase holder stormed in. Rollins challenged Ziggler to a match, to which “The Show Off” gladly accepted. The two workhorses put on a thrilling match that went back and forth but following Rollin’s kick out after a “Famouser”, Ziggler was unable to regain any momentum. Rollins threw Ziggler into the ring post before lunging him into the steel steps and finishing with the Curb Stomp for the three count.

Paige took on Natayla to gain some initiative ahead of her rematch for the WWE Divas Championship against AJ Lee at SummerSlam. Natayla applied the Sharpshooter but Paige was able to reach the ropes to break the hold and regroup. Paige mocked AJ by skipping around the ring before swiftly switching her mood to aggressively side kick the Hart family member in the face. The match culminated with Natayla tapping out to the PTO submission lock as Paige gleamed with joy.

Rusev imposingly marched down the ramp with Lana to take on Big E as the Russian duo sought to send a message to Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter. The powerhouse made quick work over his former rival by forcing a tap out with the Accolade. Rusev didn’t break the hold despite the bell ringing until Lana gracefully entered the ring to signal for the release. The flag of Russia then lowered from the rafters as the duo prepare for their showdown with “The Real Americans” on August 17 in Los Angeles.

The maniacs collide

Randy Orton’s music hit to a mixed reaction as “The Viper” aimed to weaken Ambrose before facing he faces his ally next weekend. The two short fuses put on a very physical match that quickly moved to outside with Orton launching Ambrose into the barricade and steel steps. Ambrose fought back with a suicide and then landed the Dirty Deeds to set up a pin but Rollins interfered for the referee to end the match in disqualification. Ambrose fought with his rival all over the ring but Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere for Rollins to finish the show with the Curb Stomp.

The SummerSlam storylines are continuing to heat up with the superstars working together well to bring out their true personas. The lumberjack stipulation for Ambrose and Rollins’ match means that the contention is likely to continue all the way to Night of Champions as the duo are still to have legit wrestling match. The fans won’t be complaining as the two always manage to steal the show on every segment they share despite the possibility that their upcoming match will be an anti-climax to further their rivalry through to the end of the Summer. 


The Big Show & Mark Henry defeated Ryback & Curtis Axel

Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler

Paige defeated Natayla

Rusev defeated Big E

Dean Ambrose defeated Randy Orton via disqualification