WWE Smackdown results: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns victorious heading into Fatal Four Way match at Payback

The trio will duke it out along with Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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The show got underway with Dean Ambrose telling the fans that he works best when he fights alone and that's what he will be during the Fatal Four Way match with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton on Sunday.

Reigns entered the ring himself, to which Ambrose said he won't apologise for landing the Dirty Deeds on Raw. Reigns replied by saying he wasn't expecting an apology and that tonight they are friends but on Sunday he is bringing the big guns. Kane approached the ring to make a match between Ambrose and Sheamus, which would start there and then.

The two battled it out for over fifteen minutes, which the fans chanted "This is Awesome" for. Sheamus went for a top rope Powerslam but Ambrose managed to climb out and and drop The Celtic Warrior's head on the ring post before rolling him up for the win. Ambrose looked very confident going into Payback despite being the underdog amongst the group.

Seth Rollins told the fans that he hopes they enjoyed him being on the receiving end of his upcoming opponents' finishers on Raw because that's the last time it will happen. The Architect said he will once again emerge victorious as he will pick up the pieces at the end of the match. Ryback then stormed down to the ring to take on Rollins but his rival Bray Wyatt attacked him from behind on the ramp. Rollins swiftly picked up the win over Ryback with a lowered Superkick to the Big Guy to also head into Payback strongly.

Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kidd locked arms as their two teams prepare for a 2 out of 3 falls match at Payback for the Tag Team Championships. Natalya helped her husband out by grabbing the leg of Kofi before Tyson locked in the sharpshooter. The Heart Dungeon graduate won the match via submission before celebrating with Cesaro while New Day looked frustrated.

Bo Dallas addressed Daniel Bryan's Intercontinental Championship vacation and said its healthy for the fans to be angry. Neville cut Dallas short and challenged him to a match while his Payback opponent, King Barrett watched on from ringside. Neville won the match with the Red Arrow and celebrated on the top rope before being interrupted by Barrett. Barrett said that he is fed up with the high flyer and he's in the need of some corporal punishment, which will come in the form of a royal Bull Hammer.

The main event came with Roman Reigns taking on Kane once more but this time it was no disqualification. Reigns attacked Kane with a kendo stick before setting up tables in the ring. Kane landed Chokeslam through a table but only managed to get a two count. Reigns recovered by landing a Superman punch before hitting a thunderous Spear through a table to get the victory. The show closed with Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose all battling backstage, which ended with the Lunatic Fringe handing the powerhouse the title before saying he will take it on Sunday.


Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus

Tyson Kidd defeated Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins defeated Ryback

Neville defeated Bo Dallas

Roman Reigns defeated Kane