WWE Smackdown Results: Dolph Ziggler flies high in six-man tag team match alongside Ryback and Erick Rowan ahead of TLC

The victors at Survivor Series prevail once again but Seth Rollins delivers a message for TLC opponent John Cena

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John Cena made one of his rare appearances on Smackdown and kicked off the show to address his Tables match with Seth Rollins at TLC. “Mr Money in the Bank” however cut his upcoming opponent short to tell him that their match will be the beginning of the end Cena as his time is up and Rollins’ time is now.

Cena responded by telling Rollins that there has never been a safer bet than himself to win on Sunday, much to the dismay of Rollins who said that when he takes Cena’s title shot away as he puts him though a table, there will be a shift in paradigm as he will fade away in history. Cena concluded that if he thinks that he can beat him on Sunday then he will end up like the thousands that have said the same and have eaten their words, from Orlando Jordan to The Rock as he will be the sole survivor yet again after the pay-per-view.

Rollins addresses his TLC opponent Cena

The Usos took on Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in the first match of the night with The Miz & Mizdow on commentary to analyse their number one contenders. Jey striked Cesaro with a thunderous side kick to the chin before tagging in his brother Jimmy to land the Superfly Splash to win the match and gain momentum heading into their match with the Champions on Sunday. The Miz was shown backstage talking to Jimmy’s wife, Naomi, about an entertainment industry contract. Naomi said that she knows that Miz is trying to send messages to Jimmy through her but “The A-lister” said that he has her best interests as he thinks she’s very talented and it’s not about her husband.

Nikki Bella faced Alicia Fox while AJ Lee watched on from the commentators’ desk ahead of her match against the Divas Champion at TLC. AJ said that she looks to become the only 4-time Divas Champion in history following her Slammy win on Raw while Nikki dominated over Alicia Fox. Nikki won the match with the Rack Attack and Brie joined her in the ring to celebrate. The duo then stared at AJ before Nikki picked up Alicia again to land another Rack Attack to send her number one contender a message.

Brie Bella raises Nikki Bella's hand after her win over Alicia Fox

A New Day danced to the ring for Big E’s match against Goldust ahead of their respective teams’ tag match this weekend. Big E made quick work of the veteran as he landed The Big Ending within two minutes. Stardust looked on in anger as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods joined their stablemate to celebrate the win.

The next match saw Jack Swagger lock arms with Titus O’Neill as “The Real American” looked to gain an edge before his bout with Rusev on Sunday. Swagger dominated most of the match and won via submission with The Patriot Lock. The former World Champion couldn’t celebrate for long as The Russian Flag lowered from the rafters before Rusev and Lana approached the stage to stare their nemeses down.

The main event saw a six-man tag team match between Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler and Kane, The Big Show and Luke Harper. Ryback hit Harper with the Meat Hook Clothesline to set up the Shell Shocked to get the victory but Kane hit “The Big Guy” with a chair straight afterwards. Ziggler ran in the ring to make the save with a Superkick before Ryback got back to his feet to attack “The Big Red Monster” with the chair. Rowan and Ziggler combined to charge their antagonists out of the ring before Ziggler climbed a ladder and dived to the outside to crash into all three of the defeated men.

Ziggler leads from the top of the ladder into Kane, Big Show and Harper

The show closed with the three men who also won at Survivor Series celebrating their win once again. The remaining members of what was The Authority won’t take their losses lightly and will be desperately seeking to get revenge on their foes at TLC. Cena vs Rollins will likely close the PPV and is set to be a show stealer with Rollins determined to show the WWE that he is the future of the company.


The Usos DEF Tyson Kidd and Cesaro by pinfall

Nikki Bella DEF Alicia Fox by pinfall

Big E DEF Goldust by pinfall

Jack Swagger DEF Titus O'Neill by submission

Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan DEF Kane, Big Show and Luke Harper by pinfall