WWE Smackdown results: Kane makes a surprise announcement while Roman Reigns takes on Sheamus ahead of Money in the Bank

The director of operations leaves bodies lying in his wake as he announces his entry into the next pay-per-view main event

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Seth Rollins started Smackdown by pulling up a steel chair to remind the fans that he used a chair just like that to dismantle The Shield exactly a year ago.

The Architect said that from day one his goal was to be the very best in the history of WWE and he was getting sick of sharing the spotlight. Dean Ambrose interrupted his arch nemeses by saying that he will walk into their upcoming Ladder Match at Money in the Bank Rollins' title in his hands and will walk out as the official WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The Prime Time Players continued their momentum following Raw by knocking off both The Ascension and The Lucha Dragons in a Triple Threat Match. Titus O'Neill took out every opposing member with a series of power moves before finishing off with a Pumphandle Slam to earn his team the victory.

The new Intercontinental Champion, Ryback showed his worth by getting the win over Stardust with the Meathook Clothesline followed by a Shellshocked. The Big Guy celebrated in the ring as he the commentators highlighted his impressive win in the Elimination Chamber the past weekend.

Kevin Owens gave Smackdown its first ever NXT Championship open challenge, to which Zack Ryder enthusiastically responded to. The champion made quick work of The Broski by wrapping the match up in two minutes with the Pump Up Powerbomb. Owens wasn't finished there as he delivered a Cannonball to Ryder in an effort to send a message to John Cena following his win over the veteran last Sunday.

A three on one attack was not enough to keep down Neville as he defeated Kofi Kingston with a clever counter pin. Neville kept the rest of The New Day with a Moonsault to the outside before wrapping up the win to head into his Money in the Bank Ladder Match on a high.

Sheamus lands the Brogue Kick on Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was in control against Sheamus into Corporate Kane interfered with a Big Boot for the referee to call for the disqualification. The Devil's Favourite Demon also laid Sheamus out of a Chokeslam to the surprise of the crowd. Kane finished off by announcing his participation in the Money in the Bank Ladder match then hitting Reigns with a Chokeslam to close the show.


The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension and The Lucha Dragons

Ryback defeated Stardust

Kevin Owens defeated Zack Ryder

Neville defeated Kofi Kingston

Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus via DQ