WWE Smackdown Results: Tension boils between Dean Ambrose and John Cena as Seth Rollins wins the mind games

Cena and Ambrose continue their pursuit of Rollins but end up aging Mr Money in the Bank the advantage

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John Cena made a rare appearance on Smackdown and started the show with a message for Seth Rollins. The former WWE Champion said that he nearly had Brock Lesnar beat at Night of Champions but Rollins took his opportunity away from him. Cena stated that if the youngster wants to make a name for himself that he has to go through the leader of the “Cenation”.

Dean Ambrose cut Cena short and said that hunting down Rollins is his thing but Cena has been getting in the way over the last few weeks. The two stared face to face and it looked like the mood was going to further sour but Cena offered a truce. Ambrose was thinking about taking up Cena’s offer but Randy Orton appeared on the “Titantron” and said that the two need to prove if they can work together as they’ll be teaming together against himself and Kane later tonight.

Ziggler Continues To Show Off

The first match of the night saw Sheamus partner with Dolph Ziggler to take on The Miz and his stunt double Damien Sandow. The Miz hit Sheamus with a steel chair near the announcer table but the referee didn’t see it as he was preoccupied with the action inside the ring.

Despite Miz’ antics, Ziggler won the match for his team with the Zig Zag on Sandow. Sheamus was furious at being hit with the steel chair by Miz so proceeded to beat down on Sandow with the chair following the match. Sandow is doing a great job as Miz’ stunt double, the former Money in the Bank briefcase holder relishes any role that he’s in whether it’s as “Mizdow” or the “Intellectual Saviour of the Masses”.

Paige made her way to the ring with her new best friend Alicia Fox to take on Naomi in a non-title match. Fox, who was replacing AJ Lee as Paige’s new “BFF” continuously interrupted the match and Paige was able to take advantage of the distraction and force Naomi to tap out with the PTO submission. AJ’s music hit and the former Divas Champion stormed down the ramp and beat down on Fox. Paige ran away and cowered behind JBL and put his hat on in an attempt to stay hidden.

Big Show Apologises To Russia

The Big Show entered the arena to apologise for his actions of disrespecting the flag of Russia on Monday Night Raw. The WWE formally apologised online for Big Show’s actions amid outrage from members of the Russian community. Show said that nationalistic pride got in his way and that if Rusev had done the same with “Old Glory” he would be frantic too. As Show said he was sorry, Lana and Rusev appeared on the stage to further rant about this week’s actions. Show said he didn’t mean to insult Russia but that doesn’t mean he didn’t mean to infuriate the duo.

Rusev reacted by attacking Show with the same Russian flag that he was concerned about. Regardless of the repeated attack with the flag, Show rose to his feet as Lana and Rusev ran away.

Another tag-team match got underway with Heath Slater and Titus O’Neill taking on The Usos. Slater Gator’s minds were however distracted as Adam Rose’s “Bunny” hopped down to ringside to continue his rivalry with their manager “Gator”. The match ended with a triple splash from The Usos and the three members of Slater Gator. The Rosebuds joined the winners to dance around the ring as JBL mocked The Uso’s dancing by saying that their father Rikishi is rolling around in his grave even though he’s not dead.

Cesaro took on R-Truth in a singles match that stemmed out of a rivalry that started on the WWE App. Truth was in a groove for the most part but missed the scissor kick for Cesaro to respond with one of his patented uppercuts. Cesaro then used his raw strength to put Truth’s lights out with the Neutraliser. Cesaro is now back in limbo again in the mid card following his previous positive week back in the Intercontinental title scene.

The Architect Instigates

The main event between the team of Cena & Ambrose and Orton & Kane quickly turned into brawl with Cena spotting Rollins attempting to interfere and proceeded to chase him up the ramp. Ambrose was left lonesome in the ring as Orton and Kane capitalised with a double team.

Orton landed the elevated DDT and signalled for the RKO but Ambrose managed to reverse and set up the Dirty Deeds, yet Kane interrupted out of turn with the big boot for the referee to end the match in the disqualification. Kane chokeslammed Ambrose following the match before Orton hit the RKO. Cena finally returned to the ring but it was too late as the damage had been done. The show closed with Cena realising that he let Rollins get the better of him as “The Architect” looked on with his fellow Authority members.

Ambrose will make a point on Raw of being left in the dark by Cena during this main event. There have been reports that the two will have a rivalry at the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view with the winner taking on Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns’ injury has given Ambrose a chance to slot back into top of the card and he’s been relishing the opportunity with his show stealing promos on Raw and solid performance tonight. “The Lunatic Fringe” has long been a fan favourite and has proved over the last few weeks that he belongs in the main event scene.