WWE Smackdown Results: Tensions boil between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins before their battle at Hell in a Cell


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Seth Rollins started the show with a sing-along with the crowd who were chanting “you sold out” to The Authority man. Rollins said that when you are young honour means everything but said when that selling out is the best thing he’s ever done and claimed that the crowd would do the same if given the chance. “The Architect” continued that Ambrose will be left in a sweaty mess at Hell in a Cell after he’s finished with him.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hit to a welcomed reaction from the fans as he’s scheduled to face Rollins later in the night. “The Show Off” said that the sound that he just heard was the noise that is made when people want to see someone, which he said that Rollins wouldn’t be familiar with. Ziggler said that with honour you get respect, to which Rollins asked if respect do anything for him when he curb stomped him last week. The former World Champion responded with a swift dropkick to signal that he’s ready for the match to start now.

Ambrose’s Arrival

The two agile superstars put on a strong show as they countered each other’s moves all over the ring. Ziggler nearly won the match with a rollover pin but Rollins kicked out just in time before responding with a powerbomb into the corner. Rollins followed up with the second curb stomp on Ziggler in a week for the victory. Rollins’ celebration was cut short as Dean Ambrose made his way to the ring to a thunderous ovation. “The Lunatic Fringe” said he’s going to rip Ambrose’s face off at Hell in a Cell and that he’s not allowed to even say on the show about what he’s going to do after that. “Corporate” Kane emerged towards the ramp to make a match for later between Ambrose and himself.

AJ Lee took Layla in a non-title match following the tearing apart of the brief friendship between the two on Raw. There was a promo shown where AJ said that she may not have any friends but she has the best friend in her Divas Championship and if she can’t have her than no one can. AJ won the match with the Black Widow before Paige and her new best friend Alicia Fox ran in to attack. Paige left AJ flat out with the Rampaige before gloating to the fans. It’s becoming evident that AJ is taking her frustrations of losing friendship to Paige out on other superstars as well as becoming increasingly obsessive with her title.

Tag Team Turmoil

Sheamus partnered with The Usos to take on The Miz and The Dust Brothers in a six-man tag team match. Goldust hit a powerslam on Sheamus but The Usos were able to save the pin, Stardust then ran in to the ring but was met with a superkick by Jimmy before following up with an enziguri on Goldust. Sheamus finished off the series of power kicks with a Brogue on Goldust before pinning to win the battle. Strong tag-team action here during a year of solid six-man matches with the likes of The Wyatt Family, The Shield and The Dust Brothers all piecing together fast-paced routines.

The Big Show cut a promo in the ring to discuss the fact that Mark Henry has been getting very emotional over Rusev’s actioned over the last few weeks so he invited “The World’s Strongest Man” to the ring. Big Show said he's going to have to to fight his battle with Rusev alone. Henry responded by saying even though it’s a tough pill to swallow he will have to step aside and let Show handle his business. Rusev approached the ramp by saying that he will crush Big Show to which “The World’s Largest Athlete” responded by saying he can’t be crushed as he’s American made. Show concluded that he will be the one crushing when he pins Rusev.

Nikki Bella prepared for her upcoming match with Brie at Hell in a Cell with a match with Naomi. Naomi hit the “Rear View” but this was not enough to keep Nikki down as she recovered to dominate the match. Nikki won the match with the torture rack slam before standing with a lack of emotion in the ring. The Bella Twin’s storyline has dropped into the lower card ever since Stephanie McMahon has exited the storyline.

The Lunatic Snaps

Ambrose and Kane locked horns in the main event of then night as Rollins watched on at ringside to get a close look at his upcoming opponent. Ambrose hit Kane with a dropkick and followed with a bulldog from the corner. Ambrose looked to set up the Dirty Deeds to finish the match but Rollins dragged his rival through the ropes to the ring floor for the referee to end the match in disqualification. The two proceeded with a beat down but Ambrose was able to counter a chair attack by Rollins to turn the tables. Ambrose finished the show with a sequence of chair attacks on Kane to end the week with the strongest momentum.

The paradigm has shifted at the top of the WWE with the main storyline now focussing just on Ambrose and Rollins following John Cena’s loss on Raw. Hell in a Cell will allow the two youngsters to affirm their place in the main event circuit as Cena will now be battling Orton in a newly set up match. Rollins is unlikely going to allow Ambrose to get the better of him and will be looking to even the odds with his former best friend on Raw.


Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler

AJ Lee defeated Layla

Sheamus & The Usos defeated Stardust, Goldust & The Miz

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi

Dean Ambrose defeated Kane