WWE heel Triple H breaks character during Raw to console a young boy crying at ringside

The WWE's COO is usually the main heel on the roster, but he broke character to spend time with a young fan during and after Monday's Raw

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There’s no denying it, WWE superstar Triple H is one scary guy.

23 years after his wrestling debut, he remains one of the most admired, respected and downright feared men in the business. The 13-time world champion is currently the spearhead of The Authority, the evil COO of the business and very much the leading figure in the WWE’s ‘bad guy’ department.

So it was no surprise when a child in the front row of last night’s Raw show was reduced to tears during the main event, which featured John Cena in a handicap match against Seth Rollins, Kane and the Big Show. Heartless? Yes. Unusual? No. Young fans are often seen either in fear or upset with what’s going on in the ring, and after all, it’s all part of the show.

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But Triple H, the aptly named ‘Cerebral Assassin’ and the ‘King of Kings’, did something unthinkable.

He broke kayfabe.

Triple H notices the fan crying at ringside

Triple H consoles the young boy during a live Raw show

Very rarely will you see a WWE superstar break out of character during a show, but upon seeing the young boy in tears alongside him, Triple H leant over the barrier, rubbed him on the head and apologised, as witnessed by many fans surrounding him at the Dallas show.

Twitter user @chrisolds2009 captured the moment on camera, that showed a smiling Triple H console the boy in an effort to cheer him up.


Not finished just yet, it was then reported on social media that the boy and his father were led by security to the backstage area in order to meet a number of his heroes.

Twitter user @BCain_3 commented that the sight of Triple H’s generous act went down well among the fans.


He posted: “Triple H just made a kid sitting front row cry. He then apologized, rubbed the boys head, and gave him a smile. @WNSource.

“Crying Kid Update: Security gathered the kid and his father and took them towards the backstage area as Raw went off air. @WNSource.

“I have a lot of respect for how @TripleH handled the crying kid tonight. Something you would've never seen if you weren't there live.”

Triple H's on-screen and real life wife Stephanie McMahon was also reported to have broken character to speak to the young fan.