WWE Wrestlemania 30: The 'Showcase of the Immortals' is nearly here...so let's look at it's quickest-ever bouts


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Wrestlemania XXX is so close you can almost taste the sweat dripping from Brock Lesnar's red-faced brow, and with the recent announcement of a special two hour pre-show, the biggest spectacle in professional wrestling looks to clock in at a mammoth six hours. On 6 April the event, hosted by the immortal Hulk Hogan, will be shown live on PPV, and for the first time ever, through the new WWE Network.

The card is booked and we are set to witness some highly anticipated bouts that include the disturbing Bray Wyatt battling with John Cena, and Daniel Bryan squaring off with Triple H, who looks to end the “YES! Movement” and enter the main event to face Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We should expect to see some gruelling, physical, edge-of-your-seat battles this Sunday that will go down in Wrestlemania history, but it hasn't always been that way.

Here are some of the shortest matches in the history of the "Grandaddy of 'em all:

Chavo Guerrero vs Kane: For the first time in its history the ECW Championship was defended at Wrestlemania XXIV back in 2008. It wasn't, however, the hardcore encounter people might have hoped for and lasted about ten seconds after the challenger Kane snuck up on Chavo whilst he was hurling abuse at the entrance ramp and choke-slammed him for the 1-2-3.

Akebono vs The Big Show: What would Wrestlemania be without some kind of slightly novelty non-wrestling contest? At Wrestlemania XXI in 2005 the world's largest athlete The Big Show took on sumo champion Akebono. The Big Show looks as though he's doing quite well, managing to stand his ground and hold off the Hawaiian giant, until he is then suddenly sent hurtling out of the circle and onto the floor outside the ring after one minute.

Yokozuna vs Hulk Hogan: Wrestlemania IX at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and Bret Hart has just lost the top prize to Yokozuna. The Hulkster comes to Hart's aid and is challenged by Yokozuna's manager Mr. Fuji to wrestle right there and then for the title. Hogan accepts, dodges Mr. Fuji's attempt at throwing salt in his eyes, gives a blinded Yokozuna a clothesline, and then follows it up with the big leg drop. A new champion is crowned just a few minutes after the last one.

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Butterbean vs Bart Gunn: Does anybody remember the “Brawl For All” tournament? Sorry if you do! It was a terrible idea getting professional wrestlers to have boxing matches live on Raw and many of them sustained injuries as a result. Bart Gunn happened to be a pretty good boxer and won the tournament with ease. A few months later he was pitted against Eric Esch aka Butterbean at Wrestlemania XV and learned the hard way what real boxing is about and got sparked out after thirty seconds.

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JBL vs Rey Mysterio: This began with JBL planting Rey Mysterio with a big boot cheap shot before the bell had even been rung. Once Rey had agreed with the ref to start the match he retaliated with an enziguri, a 619, and then a big splash off the top turnbuckle to win the Intercontinental Championship in twenty-one seconds. A shocked JBL appeared to genuinely fight back tears as he announced that he was quitting. The cheer from the crowd suggested they thought he wasn't being serious, but this really was his last match.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus: It's Wrestlemania XXVIII, live from Miami, Florida and Daniel Bryan is defending his World Heavyweight Championship against “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. Defending the gold at the wrestling calendar's most prestigious event requires a quick good luck kiss from your girlfriend of course, but when Daniel Bryan turned around from his little peck with AJ Lee he was met by Sheamus' “Brogue Kick” and was flat on his back after just eighteen seconds.