WWE Wrestlemania 30: Who can use Wrestlemania 30 as a springboard for their career

A look at the superstars that could built their careers on a strong showing on Sunday

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The grandest event in the whole of sports entertainment is fast approaching and the WWE roster will be preparing to give it their all on the big stage. There is a wealth of fresh talent on the Wrestlemania line-up and they will be among those most eager to steal the show as millions of viewers around the world tune in. For the first time in over a decade, the WWE have a new class of innovative performers that can be relied on to put on an exceptional spectacle for the 72,000 fans that will be in attendance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Let’s look at those superstars that can really use Wrestlemania 30 as a tool to drive their careers into extraordinary heights.

Big E Langston

Big E surged onto the main roster just over a year ago and is continuing to climb the rafters of the WWE week by week. The powerhouse has been a mainstay on the main card since his debut and this Wrestlemania will be his first as a single competitor. This time last year Big E was the bodyguard of the Money in the Bank holder Dolph Ziggler and was overshadowed during his tag team bout with team Hell No. This time around the bodybuilder is a strong contender to win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal with his raw strength. Unlike many other power specialists, Big E has an abundance of charisma and has a unique wit about him that he will benefit from if he were to become a face of the company. The Intercontinental Champion and former NXT Champion will be looking to add to his collection of accomplishments at Wrestlemania and next time could be in the main event slot.

Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro has proved to be one of the most technically gifted superstars in the whole of the company over since not being anywhere near the line-up at Wrestlemania 29. Just this time last year there were reports that management were not so keen on the Switzerland native. Since becoming a “Real American” Cesaro has really shown his true colours with his fascinating combination of strength, agility and technique that gets the crowd excited every time he enters the ring. Despite being aligned with the heels of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, Cesaro has been getting popular reactions from fans across the globe due to his superb performances. The former US Champion will cause the crowd to erupt in New Orleans when he performs his famous “Cesaro Swing” during the tag team turmoil match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. As it will be his first Wrestlemania, it will be a fantastic break for Cesaro to show the world that he can be trusted on the big stage and he could walk out of the show with another title around his waist.

The Shield

All three members of The Shield have shown that they will be leaders of the WWE locker room in the near future. The Hounds of Justice have stolen every single show since their debut at Survivor Series 2012, taking out the likes of The Rock, The Undertaker, John Cena and CM Punk on the way but this is likely to be their last Wrestlemania as a unit. Roman Reigns recently a record at the Royal Rumble with 12 eliminations, setting him up for Wrestlemania where he has a chance to affirm his place as a main event player. Dean Ambrose has been the US Champion for nearly a year and is tipped to be a key antagonist on the roster going forward, which the enigmatic wrestler could display at Wrestlemania with recent teases that he could betray The Shield. Seth Rollins has recently broken out of his shell and has shown his true high flying capabilities with an abundance of flips and dives in the middle of matches. These manoeuvres could be crucial as Rollins’ team take on the veterans of Kane and The New Age Outlaws in a six man tag team match where this time around The Shield are not the villains.

AJ Lee

AJ Lee is the record holder of the WWE Divas Championship, heading into Wrestlemania with a reign of 304 days. AJ has been a prominent figure in WWE storylines since her debut with romances with top superstars such as Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and John Cena but since last year the spotlight has been solely on her. AJ had a bit part role at Wrestlemania 29 supporting Dolph Ziggler and Big E against Team Hell No but now she will be defending her beloved title against thirteen other Divas in an invitational match. The former general manager of Raw has been a cut above the rest in the Divas division and will likely receive a supporting ovation from the crowd at the big stage despite her wicked antics. AJ doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the match so if she does drop her championship; this is an occasion to exhibit her attributes as wrestler in its own right.

Bray Wyatt

There are not many ways to make a bigger Wrestlemania debut than a match with John Cena and not many people can argue that Bray Wyatt doesn’t deserve it. The Wyatt Family have been haunting the WWE since their full debut in July and have got the crowd’s spines tingling wherever they go with their cryptic presence. Bray has been a master on the microphone with his moving tails that have sent impactful messages to his opponents, namely Cena who has admitted that the Wyatt's have gotten into his mind heading into the Wrestlemania bout. Wyatt showed his solo wrestling potential during his win against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble that received an ‘awesome’ chant from the fans and furthering his monumental rise towards the top of the company. Wrestlemania will truly showcase the skills of the third generation wrestler to control a match as he locks horns with the 14 time world champion to affirm his place as the key outlaw in the WWE.