WWE WrestleMania 31: Paige excited by 'freak and the geek' partnership with AJ Lee but remains wary of her former rival

British Superstar Paige is preparing for her very first WrestleMania where she and AJ Lee will take on the Bella Twins

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WrestleMania is only one day away and The Independent had a chance to talk with Paige in California, ahead of her tag-team match alongside AJ Lee against the Bella Twins. This will be two-time Divas Champion's first match at the "Granddaddy of Them All" and she will be teaming up with someone she has spent the last year rivaling with.

“I love partnering and going against AJ both as equally as each other as we can do some really crazy stuff either way.” Paige said.

“We are these two weird and quirky chicks and we like to think of ourselves as the freak and the geek. We aren’t afraid to be ourselves if we are on the same team or against each other.

“We always end up fighting each other anyway so hopefully she doesn’t turn against me at WrestleMania!”


Paige made her debut on the Raw after WrestleMania last year by surprisingly challenging AJ for her Divas Championship and successfully winning. The Norwich native explained how the call up had made her feel honoured to be part of a wave of British wrestlers that have found success wrestling on the big stage in the United States.

Paige became Divas champion the day after WrestleMania last year

“It feels amazing as we always want to be history makers as there were not a lot of independent or British wrestlers that were coming up before so it makes us proud as it makes us feel we had something to do with the influx of British talent.

“I’ve had a year on the road now so I know how to physically prepare myself it was dropped on me last minute but now I’ve become used to being around."

The 22-year old finished with some advice for those wrestlers that are currently emerging on the British wrestling scene that are looking to become WWE Superstars in the future.

“Around this time last year I got told by The Rock to be humble and hungry all the time so I make sure I apply that to myself everyday and I tell those coming up to keep passionate and patient.”

WrestleMania airs on Sky Sports Box Office and WWE Network on Sunday 29th March at midnight.