Giles makes Germans pay the penalty

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The England coach, David Whitaker, would only admit to being satisfied with his team's progress, following their 3-2 victory over Germany, the Olympic and defending champions, in their opening game in the European Championships here yesterday, writes Bill Colwill from Dublin.

"We tackled and covered well and showed we can be just as good as the Germans," Whitaker said. "But we have six more matches and even though I'm delighted with this result there are no easy games ahead."

Whitaker has made something of a habit of out-smarting the Germans - on his return to the international scene in Hanover in 1993 he chalked up two victories against them.

Careless marking by England let Sven Meinhardt in for the lead after just seven minutes. But by the interval England were ahead, thanks to their penalty corner specialist, Calum Giles.

Giles was the real difference between the sides since the Germans failed to score from their four penalty corner attempts. Rob Thompson struck the winner after schoolboy Oliver Domke took advantage of further slackness in England's defence to equalise.

ENGLAND: S Mason (Firebrands); P McGuire (Teddington), J Halls (Old Loughtonians); S Hazlitt (Hounslow), Soma Singh (Southgate, capt), R Garcia (Polo Barcelona); C Mayer (Cannock), J Shaw (Southgate), R Thompson (Hounslow), J Laslett (Teddington), N Thompson (Old Loughtonians). Substitutes used: C Giles (Havant), B Sharpe (Cannock), J Wyatt (Reading).

GERMANY: C Reitz; F Kunz; C Stengler, J-P Tewes, C Mayerhofer; P Bellenbaum, K Michler (capt), M Green; S Meinhardt, M Waldhauser, A Becker. Substitutes used: O Domke, C Bechmann.

Umpires: J Gorissen (Neth) and R St Rose (Trin).