Giving status to the game

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Q. Who takes the final decision on conferring first-class status on a cricket match?

A. A first-class fixture must be at least of three days' duration, with Full members, such as Australia or India, of the International Cricket Council deciding the status of such matches played in their countries.

In matches three or more days long played in countries who are not Full members of the ICC, there are two sub-categories which help to decide the status. First, if the visiting team comes from a country which is a Full member, that country has the choice of according first-class status or not. However, should the visiting team not come come from a Full member nation, or is a Commonwealth team made up of players from different nationalities, the ICC will decide the status.

In the case of any disputes, the chief executive of the ICC will refer the matter to the Council for decision, failing unanimous agreement by postal communication.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby


Q. Has a football player ever refused a move to another club so that he could remain with the club he supported as a boy?

Mike Kelly, Manchester

Q. Twenty-four pitches would theoretically be the fewest required in a complete game of baseball. What is the fewest recorded number thrown in a full game by a single pitcher?

Neale S Smith, Luton

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