Global sports video charts: disallowed goals, embarrasing encounters

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There's a theme of the unexpected running through the most viewed sports videos for the week ending January 4: a disallowed hoopshot, touchdown, and a bevy of soccer mishaps, followed by an embarassed bullfighter, and an embarassingly miscalculated performance from a mixed martial artist.

YouTube viewers saw an incredible 3/4-court buzzer-beating shot disallowed, a touchdown flagged for 'excessive' celebration, and a year's worth of soccer mis-kicks, own goals, and comedy pitch invasions.

Japan's biggest video site Nicovideo served up a top three devoted to a New Year's Eve mixed martial arts fight, as Yuichiro Nagashima comprehensively outplayed his opponent Shinya Aoki.

Users of China's Tudou were most interested in a bullfighter whose had his modesty revealed by an errant bull, a fictional romantic comedy about the millionaire inventor of a rock-paper-scissors accessory, and a short cartoon clip.

On French-based site Dailymotion there's footage of the 'French Spiderman' Alain Robert scaling the 187m-high Totalfina building sans safety ropes, as well as clips from recent encounters between Chelsea and Aston Villa (soccer) and New Zealand and Pakistan (cricket).

YouTube's most watch sports videos of the week
1) Gilbert Arenas' buzzer beater 3/4 court shot - 1,367,688 total views
2) Excessive salute celebration causes Kansas State to lose - 1,118,586 total views
3) Comedy Football 2010 - (part 1/2) - 932,744 total views

Nicovideo's most watched sports videos of the week (requires free registration)
1) Yuichiro Nagashima vs Shinya Aoki - 486,606 total views
2) Yuichiro Nagashima post-fight interview - 183,916 total views
3) Why was I so bad? (Nagashima vs Aoki) - 148,711 total views

Tudou's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Most embarrassing bullfight ever - 226,605 total views
2) If You Are The One HD - 109,167 total views
3) The most intimate words (cartoon) - 57,260 total views

Dailymotion's most watched sports videos of the week
1) French Spiderman climbs Totalfina skyscraper - 89,820 total views
2) Chelsea vs Aston Villa - 76,890 total views
3) Pak 1 my (New Zealand vs Pakistan) - 31,021 total views