Global sports video charts: Scorpion kick skill and sex scandal

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Hamza Boudlal, a Moroccan club side goalkeeper with a daring scorpion kick, finds YouTube fame in the week ending December 14, while a former Asian Games athlete is in court on blackmail charges and gets to number one on China's Tudou.

Gloria Chan, a rower during the 1998 Asian Games, is accused of blackmail by a septugenarian business tycoon who is for now known only as "Mr X."

Chan is answering allegations that she threatened to publicize a sex tape after the businessman dropped contact with her. Mr X, for his part, has asked the court to show leniency.

On French site Dailymotion, there's European Champions League action as top teams move into the knockout stages, and topping Japan's Nicovideo chart is a creative dance clip with a difference - most of the dancers are a little less clothed than usual.

YouTube's most watch sports videos of the week
1) Hamza Boudlal KACM vs OCK (Scorpion kick) - 3,232,513 total views
2) Sachin Tendulkar vs Shoaib (Sahara Sports Awards anecdote) - 1,167,255 total views
3) Dorel Stoica's 40m+ goal (CFR & CRA) - 1,001,780 total views

Tudou's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Hong Kong Asian Games rower arrested for sextape blackmail - 389,678 total views
2) Posessed by Higuita! Goalkeeper scorpion kick - 71,636 total views
3) Back to Houston! Tracy McGrady compilation - 60,277 total views

Nicovideo's most watched sports videos of the week (requires free registration)
1) NHK creative dance competition: naked - 89,893 total views
2) 1 in a million Rube Goldberg basketball shot - 561,350 total views
3) Real street fighting - 18,926 total views

Dailymotion's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Real Madrid vs Auxerre - 130,878 total views
2) Manchester United v Valencia - 104,866 total views
3) Arsenal v FK Partizan Beograd - 93,758 total views

Data collected December 14.