Golf / 123rd Open: Kraft cheesed off by hamburger takeaway

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GREG KRAFT is a hungry American who shot a one- under-par 69 yesterday, but his caddie's hunger for a hamburger has cost him his job, writes Martin Johnson.

Todd Blersch lost his employer's putter in a fast-food tent on Tuesday, and Kraft promptly fired him. 'The putter was a gift from my grandfather,' Kraft said, 'and is irreplaceable.' Blersch, clearly, is not, even though Kraft flew him over from Cincinnati to carry his bag on his Open debut.

'I couldn't look at him again without thinking of my putter,' Kraft said. 'I told him how valuable the putter was, and not to let it out of his sight. Then he loses it in a hamburger tent. Wherever it is, I'll pay a lot to get it back. No questions asked.' He picked up a new putter in the exhibition tent, and a new caddie in Terry Holt, who has worked for Paul Azinger. Neither let him down.

'I putted very well,' Kraft said, 'and Terry is one of the finest caddies I've ever seen. I'd say he was worth at least four shots to me.' Kraft made five birdies while the leader, Greg Turner, had three birdies and two eagles. 'We fed off each other,' he said.