Golf / 123rd Open: Quotes of the day

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It was fun out there. Whatever I tried seemed to work. Tom Watson.

I am going home to pull the knife out of my heart. John Daly.

I was pretty amazed that nobody could find it. It was just about my only bad swing and I paid a real heavy price. Daly, on losing his ball on the beach near the 10th hole.

He four-putted because he missed his third putt - we have all done it, gentlemen. Fuzzy Zoeller on Daly's travails.

Maybe they will get me tomorrow. Zoeller, after getting birdies on all four par threes.

It took me 17 holes to undo what I did on the 17th yesterday, but then a nice putt on the last gave me something back. Nick Faldo.

He's back and we'd better watch out for him over the weekend. Ernie Els on Faldo.

Perhaps it's a good place to be, coming from behind. The course gives you enough to worry about, let alone being out in front. Faldo.

Look at today's scores and you will get a pretty good idea of the way we are heading. If I keep improving I will be looking at the top of the leaderboard come Sunday. Greg Norman.

I think I can win. I've got nothing better to do this weekend. David Feherty.

What can I say? I played with Jack Nicklaus and I'm leading the Open. It's fabulous. Jesper Parnevik, before being overhauled by Watson.

It's the old cliche, but I'm taking it one day at a time, one shot at a time. Watson.

I'm certain this is my lowest score in a major. You could win several majors and not shoot lower than that so I am proud. Mark Brooks.