Golf: First Tee - The members are revolting

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IT IS not known if Prince Andrew is interested in hosting a celebrity- am but even if he is, Royal North Devon may not be the ideal venue. The club at Westward Ho!, where Prince Andrew will become president next year, is reeling from a subversive campaign designed to humiliate officials and infuriate members.

The clubhouse has been blitzed by posters: members were urged to put plums in their mouths before speaking; only women under 30 would be admitted on condition they wore stockings and suspenders; men wearing suits and ties would be banned, etc. The posters are signed "The Alternative Committee" and are believed to be the work of dissident members.

The campaign began in response to official notices from the club committee reminding members of rules and etiquette and the atmosphere at Westward Ho!, the oldest seaside course in England, has since been punctuated by exclamation marks.

"These chaps are a bloody disgrace," said one member. "Sadly I think they must be members of the club. The posters appeared as if by magic and God knows how they manage it. No sooner are they ripped down than they spring up again. It must be the work of a team."