Golf: Hole-by-hole guide to Ryder Cup Celtic Manor course

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Hole-by-hole description of the par-71 Twenty-Ten course at the Celtic Manor Resort, where the 38th Ryder Cup will take place from October 1 to 3:

1: 465 yards, par four: Right-to-left dogleg with three bunkers lurking on the left of the fairway at the turn. Three more ring the approach to the green.

2: 610 yards, par five: Tight fairway pockmarked by bunkers dotted along each flank. Perilously steep drop-offs at the green will punish inaccurate approach shots.

3: 189 yards, par three: A lake is just short and to the left of the green; which is also protected by a bunker on the right.

4: 461 yards, par four: A relatively long par four but strong cross winds usually make the hole play longer. While many may be tempted to lay up short of the bunkers off the tee, a harder approach to the green is likely to follow.

5: 433 yards, par four: Dogleg right with a stream running down the right and then in front of the green. Anything less than a precise approach can spell trouble here.

6: 422 yards, par four: A lake lines the fairway on this all the way down the right side of another dogleg curling left to right. Bunkers lie in wait for drives running through the fairway and behind the green.

7: 213 yards, par three: The bunker short right has been deepened and brought closer to the green. A much larger trap shields the green to the left.

8: 439 yards, par four: An awkward bunker at 300 yards may present players with a dilemma while an undulating green is protected by two traps on the right.

9: 580 yards, par five: The longest hole on the course. Water left and right and bunkers peppering the fairway.

10: 210 yards, par three: Bunkers and hollows ring a tight green. Tee shots usually play into the wind, adding to the difficulty.

11: 562 yards, par five: Water down the left and some on the right. The bold may be tempted to try for the green in two.

12: 458 yards, par four: More water left and right has to be cleared to negotiate a green with a nearrow entrance.

13: 189 yards, par three: Water short and right and two deep bunkers left and long. Adding to the difficulty, the green slopes away from the approach towards the lake.

14: 485 yards, par four: Copious water presents big hitters with a dilemma off the tee - carry the length of the lake and leave a straightforward short iron to the heart of the green.

15th: 377 yards, par four: A well struck tee-shot can carry to the green. Conservative players will need to beware two deep fairway bunkers.

16th: 499 yards, par four: The longest par four on the course. A tight fairway and a bunker on the left are ready to punish inaccuracy.

17th: 211 yards, par three: The longest green on the course with a tier across the middle. Anything off target to the right will be vulnerable to traps lying in wait.

18th: 575 yards, par five: Spectacular final hole - water shields the approach and raises the stakes for anyone aiming to hit the green in two.