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This has probably set me back six months... all the hard work I've been doing getting my swing organised and it's just torn it apart. They were fertilising the rough and watering it when I was here a couple of weeks ago. I think it's just a joke now

Sandy Lyle, former Open Champion, on the severity of Carnoustie after an 85 in the first round

It's an unfair golf course in that the fairways are too narrow but Bobby Jones said it wasn't meant to be a fair game

Tom Watson, five times Open Champion, who shot 82

It's just unbelievably difficult to shoot a par round, if you can call 71 a par here. I don't think anybody has played on a course like this. I think we've all agreed that the R and A have gone over the top

Ernie Els, after a

three-over-par 74

I was a fraction more nervous than last year on the first tee but I felt better prepared. I wouldn't say the course was unfair

Justin Rose

The hardest thing out there was trying not to injure yourself. This could actually be a place where people wish they'd missed the cut. What did Sergio shoot today, 89? He's a great young player but was that because of his inexperience or the difficulty of the course. I don't think either. It just beats you up out there

Payne Stewart

When you shoot in the 80s you're pride is hurt a little bit. I mean, I'm a professional golfer

Mark O'Meara, the defending champion, following an 83

With the combination of very long rough and very firm fairways and greens, it's just a bit too much for 99 per cent of the players and I'm certainly in that group

Mark James, Europe's Ryder Cup captain

When a golfer from Carnoustie says he has a scratch handicap you know he can play

Duncan Weir, assistant secretary of the R and A

May the course be with you

Headline in the Glasgow Herald

If the average player had to play out there he'd probably quit the game, a lot of pros too.

David Duval (above), after his 79.

It's the nearest I've come to playing rugby on a links

The New Zealander Greg Turner

I'm happy with a 73. The good news is that Ben Hogan shot 73 in the first round in 1953 so who knows? My philosophy is to go out there and enjoy it. If you hit it in the crap, excuse my language, you take your penalty. If you start tearing your hair out it's going to grab you even more. So it's got to be fun

Mark McNulty

I think it's very fair because all the players are under the same conditions. I am very lucky for the bounce and sometimes I'm very lucky for the bump and that's golf

Katsuyoshi Tomori


A local publican on being asked when he was closing the bar

If I don't get it up and down from here, I'm going to kill you

Derrick Cooper, to his caddie Rod Wooler after opting for a two-iron instead of a three-iron and overrunning a green

You don't know what real pressure is

Cooper to Wooler

I certainly do. I've taken part in the Ryder Cup. You haven't

Wooler to Cooper

It takes a lot out of you. I'm just glad to get the first round over.

Bernhard Langer, the German who shot 73

It was nice to sit back at home and watch everyone else struggle.

Rod Pampling, who went out early and had a 71