Golf: Open quotes: 'You're not there for conversation'

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I tried John Daly's driver. It felt like a scaffold pole.

Iain Pyman.

How does he know? I've never spoken to the guy.

Nick Faldo on hearing that Jesper Parnevik called him boring.

I enjoy playing with Nick. You're not there for conversation.

Mark Calcavecchia.

I've changed putters all the time, I've got 75 in the closet. But I've stuck with this one since April, which is good for me. I haven't even thrown it yet.


If I hole a few long ones I'm cheating. They don't say that when I play badly.

Peter Senior on his broomhandle putter.

If I was more laid back I'd be asleep.

Sandy Lyle.

Peter Baker asked me for advice but he won a tournament before I could speak to him. Perhaps he should be advising me.


If someone had designed this course in America we'd want to know what he'd been drinking.

Tom Watson.

A lot of guys wake up feeling like shit. I'd pass out for a couple of days.

John Daly on drink.

I've been 11 days without eating chocolate.

Daly on his get-fit schedule.

He's a fine one to talk. He went through a bad spell too.

Ian Woosnam on Tony Jacklin.

At 6ft 3in there aren't any.

Faldo on blind shots.

I always thought I had a big heart. Now I know I do.

Payne Stewart on his enlarged cardiac muscles.

The doctor said: 'Keep on doing what you're doing. Enjoy yourself.'

Stewart on whether his health had affected his sex life.

Having a family takes the pressure off. That's why Jack Nicklaus had six kids.

Nick Price.

I've had a hand on the trophy twice. It'll be nice to get both hands on it.

Price on his Open near-misses.

I'll need a taxi to keep up.

David Feherty on hearing that he had been drawn with long hitters Daly and Woosnam.

I'm lazy. If I'm playing great I don't practise and now I'm not I don't practise either.

Fred Couples.

It's nothing a couple of belts of vodka will not help.

Fuzzy Zoeller on his back.

I couldn't say how many times my back's been really bad? Look, it's like the number of times you've tried to make love to your wife and she's got a headache. You don't count these things.


I don't know if the man who designed it was angry with his wife at the time but it's a good green.

Zoeller evaluates the fourth.

I hope I live that long.

Zoeller on Nicklaus.

With your lifestyle you'll be lucky. Nicklaus.

I feel young again.

Seve Ballesteros after his first- round 68.