Golf: Open - Rose puts faith in determination

The great hope of last year's Open has the chance to begin again at Carnoustie tomorrow. By Guy Hodgson.
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WHEN THE US Open champion, Payne Stewart, was asked to give advice to Zane Scotland yesterday, his words to the 16-year-old qualifier for this year's Open Championship were simple but pointed. "I hope he doesn't turn pro if he finishes third."

The position was wrong but he knew his target and found it. Justin Rose was joint fourth at Royal Birkdale as an amateur 12 months ago, turned professional immediately afterwards and has had a desperate time since. The first cut is the deepest, but not as deep as no cuts at all.

Rose, 17 and blooming with success, did not make the cut at the next tournament after last year's Open, nor the next, nor the next. Twenty- one times he teed off on the European Tour and not once did he make it to the final rounds. Most people play golf at the weekends; he could not make it past Thursday and Friday.

Yet this was the player who had the golf world at his spikes when, with splendid audacity, he chipped in from 45 yards at Birkdale's final hole a year ago. "He is Britain's answer to Tiger Woods," Michael Bonallack, the normally reserved secretary of the Royal and Ancient, enthused, but if he was it was a mighty funny question.

He has averaged 75 to 76 strokes per round - scores he was making as a 13-year-old - has made it to the third and fourth rounds once, at Slaley Hall last month, and made little more than pounds 5,000. Compare that with the pounds 70,000 he could have raked in if he had been in the paid ranks this time last year and not only the 18-year-old from Hook in Hampshire feels inclined to weep.

The consensus that Rose abandoned his amateur status too quickly was one that Stewart subscribed to yesterday, although the boy in a man's world would not have it. "I'd like to lay this ghost to rest," he said. "I was turning pro after the British Open no matter what happened. I may have missed the cut by 10 strokes that week and I would done the same thing.

"It was a simple question: `How am I going to be a great player quickest?' and to me it was turning professional."

Looking over 12 months of wrecked aspiration, the only thing Rose says he would have altered was his attitude. He was aware he was on a high leaving Birkdale and deliberately back-pedalled, whereas he believes he should have let the adrenaline push him forward. After that the emphasis was on his missing cuts when it ought to have been on higher matters. He was in a vicious circle of failure breeding failure.

"I lost my rhythm really, then my confidence," he said. "Making the cut shouldn't be a big deal but it became so because everyone talked about it. It's what everyone asks me about. I know I'm better than going to a tournament just to make the cut.

"Hopefully I haven't gone through this for nothing. I think somebody keeps saying: `No, you're not going to make the cut this week because you need to learn a little more.' There has definitely been a sense of that."

As for this week at Carnoustie he holds no expectations. "I just want to leave my heart and soul on the course," he said, "play every shot with as much determination as I can. The rest will take care of itself. That's one thing I've definitely learnt."

And a piece of advice for Zane Scotland? "Just do what he did on Sunday and Monday to qualify," he replied. "He's proved he is playing as well as a lot of the pros."

So had Rose. He soared at the Open then plummeted to provide the best example for any young golfer: success does not necessarily breed success. At least not straight away.


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