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Just wait a little longer, I think the tide's going out.

Craig Parry to his playing partner Jean Van de Velde when the Frenchman waded into the Barry Burn at the 18th hole in the final round.

Most of my family are on holiday in Spain enjoying themselves while I've got to play this course.

Paul Lawrie.

Six over par is two too many.

Lawrie after finishing with a 67 and a total of 290.

He won't have a good night's sleep. When I won the Masters, it wasn't exactly an easy night's sleep - and I had a nine-shot lead.

Tiger Woods, piling on the pressure on Van de Velde on the eve of the final round.

I'm going to have 24 hours to think, which is plenty too much, and my knees will be touching when I'm on the first tee. But I am going to enjoy it - I'll force myself to enjoy it.

Van de Velde, after the third round

I had a quiet night, a nice meal with my caddie and some red wine. French of course.

Van de Velde, yesterday morning.

My name is Christophe.

Van de Velde's caddie.

I can't say. I don't want the tax man to know.

Van de Velde's caddie, asked what his surname was.

I have a red nose in my bag.

Van de Velde.

That's got to rank up there with the best round I've ever played. I felt about six foot out there the way I was playing.

The 5ft 6in Parry after his third-round 67.

He was a Frenchman with the soul of a Scot.

A friend of Arnaud Massy, who won the Open in 1907.

It is regrettable that the ruling on the 11th hole with Jean Van de Velde was incorrect. In the circumstances the players' request was both reasonable and understandable but, in accordance with the local rule, relief should not have been granted. However, the referee's decision is final.

David Rickman, the R&A rules Secretary yesterday on the Frenchman being granted, incorrectly, a free drop in the third round.

They thought they'd come here and rip the guts out of it. I don't think so.

John Philp, superintendent of Carnoustie.

If [The Open] doesn't come back to Carnoustie I'll eat my hat.


I never said that I didn't think the Open should come back here, only that I had heard that it wouldn't.

David Duval.

I've heard that the Open could return here in 2007.

Michael Johnston, owner of the Carnoustie Golf Course Hotel.

I've got four offers on the table from companies who want to buy the hotel.


When I went out I discovered that somebody had lifted my sand-wedge from my bag. Not having the club cost me at least two strokes.

Jeremy Robinson, who shot 75 in the last round.

Why is Prince Andrew playing in the Open?

Spectator watching Justin Leonard tee off.

I made a lot of putts. Unfortunately, they were for par.

Woods, after the third round.

Sure I would come back here and play in the Open. It's a great course, but the Greater Hartford Open will be a little easier.


It's tough when you have amateur bodies running golf events and they set up the courses their way. I think the USGA have listened to the players in recent years and made the courses playable. Will the R&A learn a lesson? We'll have to wait and see how they set up St Andrews.

Payne Stewart.

Well, I tamed the monster at last.

Davis Love.