Golf: Vox Pop: Who should be Europe's wild-card picks for the Ryder Cup?

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You only have to look at the world rankings to see how good a player Jesper Parnevik is. Despite only playing seven or eight times in Europe, he has got to 12th in the table. He has won in the US and is still playing well, so on that form he must be our first choice for a wild card. Bernhard Langer should also be chosen as he's playing the best out of three or four experienced men in contention. With all the rookies, another seasoned player is needed. Bernhard is the best, and such a good team man.


1975-77, 81, 87 RYDER CUP

Because Jesper Parnevik has been playing so much on the American tour over the past 12 months, he has been unable to secure an automatic place. But he would have done that comfortably by staying over here. He has won in the US this year, is without doubt one of Europe's best players and is playing well. Costantino Rocca is not far away from qualifying and has just come off a great win in the West of Ireland Classic. He is coming into form and he has the experience that Mark James would like to add.


1991, 95 RYDER CUP

Jesper Parnevik has not played much over here this year but he would have qualified easily on a full European schedule - perhaps as high as in second or third place. He is certainly head and shoulders above the two players immediately ahead of him in the table (Robert Karlsson and Andrew Coltart). Of all the top players just on the fringe, Bernhard Langer is the best. Even though he's not playing well, if there is someone who can handle the pressure and rise to the big occasion it is him.



Jesper Parnevik must be the first-choice because he is the best player not already in the team. He is playing well both in the United States and in Europe, and is easily good enough to be in our genuine top 10. The team has to have natural leaders around whom the new players can gather. Colin Montgomerie is obviously one, but at least one more is needed and Bernhard Langer is the best candidate for the job. With so many new faces in the team, experience is needed. He is close to qualifying and so should get the vote.



The American captain has chosen his No 12 (Tom Lehman) and No 14 (Steve Pate), and so would I. Jesper Parnevik, our No 12 going into this week's event, is a great player and if he had played here all summer he would easily have won an automatic place. To be 12th going into the last tournament on his limited European schedule is a great performance. I would add Bernhard Langer, our No 14, because the team are young and although they are very good they need the sort of experience he can provide.



Jesper Parnevik, because he has played so well in America this year and has also made a very decent effort to qualify in Europe. It would have been unfair to ask him to play in Munich because we need him to be fresh. Everybody on Tour agrees that he is worth a wild card. I think Mark James should get the other place. All season he has been the best of the experienced players and I particularly like him as a match- play golfer. He would definitely give extra strength to the team.