Female golfers suspended 'after saying breastfeeding mother put them off their food'

Three female golfers at Whetstone Golf Club have been accused of "unbecoming behaviour" after they said a woman breast feeding had put them "right of their food"

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A senior female golfer has been suspended and two have resigned from their club after a dispute in which a breastfeeding mother was told that she was putting them “right off their food”.

Ladies’ Captain Pam Nutting, competition secretary Lesley Bailey and a third member, Janet Morris, were accused of "unbecoming behaviour", following the incident at Whetstone Golf Club’s club house, Leicestershire after the mother complained about their comments. 

The woman, who remains anonymous, reportedly complained to staff after a female club member was overheard saying "that’s put me right off my food" as she breast fed her baby in the club house, described as "relaxed and  friendly" on the club’s website.


The incident allegedly occurred when the group returned to the club house after playing a round and sat in the vicinity of six mothers with children, according to reports.

Two of the women have resigned in protest and the third will be challenging her suspension in a disciplinary hearing later this month.

According to local media, Morris, who has been a club member for the past 28 years, claimed that she was confronted by one of the mothers after she said: "Gosh, are we running a crèche?"

The comment regarding breastfeeding was said to have been made later by another member.

Morris, 81, who lives in Leicester told the Leicester Mercury: "It was a storm in a teacup really. The whole thing has been blown out of all proportion. The comment was not directed at the mother with the child or her group.

"I am a mother and grandmother and have nothing against breastfeeding. It is about decorum. She could have turned her back to us or gone in the locker room for some privacy."

Nutting, who has been a club member for 34 years, told the local newspaper: "I am fighting this action by the club as I did not speak to any of these women at all."

Neither Morris or Nutting would confirm who made the comment.

Whetstone president David Dalby said that the club were following normal procedures as well as those of the English Golf Union.