How Sergio Garcia won the Masters: A shot by shot recap of the round which won Garcia his first green jacket

A hole-by-hole look at how Garcia defeated Justin Rose to win his first major championship, on the day the great Seve Ballesteros would have celebrated his 60th birthday 

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Spain's Sergio Garcia won the U.S. Masters at the first playoff hole on Sunday to land his long-awaited first major title.

Garcia and England's Justin Rose finished tied on nine under par at the end of the fourth round.

Garcia birdied the first playoff hole and Rose made bogey. 

We take a hole-by-hole look at the popular player's greatest triumph. 

Hole one, Tea Olive

Garcia, looking for his first ever Major victory, starts his round in style. His tee shot is good, straight down the middle of the fairway, and he sticks his approach to within 5ft of the pin.

He rolls in the putt to begin his round with a birdie. (-7)

Hole two, Pink Dogwood

Another monster drive down the fairway. But this time the approach shot isn't quite as good, landing in the face of a bunker.

He saves himself with a fantastic shot from the hazard, using the slope of the green to spin the ball back to within 5ft of the hole. But he nudges his birdie attempt long and has to make to do with saving par. (-7)

Hole three, Flowering Peach

Yet another thunderous tee shot for Garcia. He bumps one along to the front of the green and gives himself a great chance to make his second birdie of the afternoon.

He turns the ball from right-to-left and drains it. He takes a two-shot lead over Rose and Fowler. (-8)

Garcia celebrates his birdie on the third (Getty)

Hole four, Flowering Crab Apple

Garcia sends his tee shot straight down the middle of the fairway, the ball landing right at the very back of the green. 

It's a difficult putt for birdie, all of 40ft, but he goes remarkably close. He gets just a tad too much on his attempt, the ball rolling long. He taps in for par. (-8)

Hole five, Magnolia

The first sign of trouble for Sergio, who pushes his tee shot into the second cut. But he saves himself with a wonderful approach shot, hit into the middle of the green, 40ft from the pin.

And then a repeat of the previous hole: once again Garcia lines up a huge 40ft putt, once again he misses by a whisker, once again he taps in for par. (-8)

Hole six, Juniper

Another good drive from Garcia. He goes close again with a brilliant birdie putt but drags it to the right, slightly.

Meanwhile, Rose makes his birdie putt to return to within two shots of the Spaniard. (-8) 

The Spaniard shares a joke with Justin Rose (Getty)

Hole seven, Pampas

Garcia's first bad hole. He appears to react to a noise in the crowd and ends up in the thicket from the tee. His next shot is poor, too; belted into the bunker.

But he makes amends. He does well playing out of the sand and then drains an important putt from 6ft to make par. Rose makes another birdie, though, to narrow his lead to a single shot. (-8)

Hole eight, Yellow Jasmine

Garcia smacks a huge drive down the middle of the eighth. He doesn't quite reach the front of the green with his approach shot, but isn't far off.

He then passes up on a chance to make an eagle, and then a birdie, when he three putts. He eventually makes par. (-8)

Hole nine, Carolina Cherry

Another big drive before Garcia gets too much on his wedge shot, playing it 10ft beyond the flag.

It leaves him with a tricky shot ... which he just misses. Again, he taps in for par. (-8)

Garcia lines up a putt with caddie Glen Murray (Getty)

Hole ten, Camellia

Terrible! Garcia begins the back nine in disastrous fashion, belting his tee shot way over to the right. His next is better, getting him to within 40 yards of the pin, just in front of a bunker.

He chips to the front of the green leaving himself a hard putt to make par, which he misses by a fraction. Bogey. His first since the ninth hole on Saturday, and Rose's birdie means the Englishman takes the lead for the first time in the fourth round. (-7)

Hole eleven, White Dogwood

Another wobble for Garcia. His tee shot ends up in the rough and he then misses the front of the green.

And then a three putt to make bogey. Rose makes par and Garcia is down by two. (-6)

Hole twelve, Golden Bell

Sergio finds the very front of the green on the par-three. 

He goes remarkably close with his 45ft putt but it ends up just short. He makes par. Is this slipping away? (-6)

He recovered after a poor start to the back nine (Getty)

Hole thirteen, Azalea

Attempting to respond to a huge Rose drive, Garcia sends his into trouble, the ball ending up under a bush. Nightmare! He has to take a penalty drop and his Masters dream look to be fading before his eyes.

He blasts it out from the bushes and then lands a wonderful wedge shot to within five feet of the hole. He makes par. Rose is a whisker away from making an eagle. (-6)

Hole fourteen, Chinese Fir

Garcia responds in the best possible way to those poor few holes: by splitting the fairway with his drive and landing his approach 6ft away from the pin.

He drains the putt; birdie. And Garcia is now only a shot away from Rose... (-7)

Hole fifteen, Firethorn

Another cracking shot right down the middle of the fairway from Garcia. 

And then his second shot is the stuff of dreams! His 7-iron lands to within 15ft of the pin to give him the opportunity of an oh so valuable eagle.

Will he hold his nerve? Yup! Although it looks like he's underhit it, the ball creeps to the lip of the cuo before dropping. Incredible. Rose birdies, and it's all square at the top! (-9)

The Masters champion turns to celebrate (Getty)

Hole sixteen, Redbud

A fine shot off the tee, which lands just 6ft from the pin, gives Garcia a chance to make a birdie.

But he just nudges his putt to the right. He makes par; Rose makes birdie. He's back in the lead. (-9)

Hole seventeen, Nandina

Garcia has two holes left to catch up with Rose once again. A good tee shot and a good approach, too, the ball landing on the front of the green presenting Garcia with a 30ft putt to make a birdie.

But he underhits it, the ball falling a couple of feet short. He makes par. But Rose bogeys! It's level again. (-9)

Hole eighteen, Holly

It's all to play for on the final hole. Sergio tees off first and splits the fairway. He then watches Rose go to within 8ft with his second shot, only to send his short iron just three feet behind the hole!

Rose misses from eight feet and taps in - handing Garcia a chance to win the Masters. But he pushes it to the right, and it goes to a play-off! (-9)

Play-off hole, Holly

Not a great tee shot from Rose, with the ball landing in the pine straw. Garcia sends his right down the middle of the fairway again: advantage to the Spaniard. 

And, of course, he hits another wonderful iron towards the pin, the ball landing 12ft from the cup. Rose hits his third pin too high and misses the subsequent putt, handing Garcia two shots to win the Masters.

He only requires one. The ball almost lips out but eventually drops, and Sergio Garcia wins the 2017 Masters, his first ever Major Championship.