Niall Horan fall video: One Direction star embarrassingly slips over while carrying Rory McIlroy's golf clubs at The Masters 2015

Horan had just hit his one and only shot into Ike's Pond

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It was Niall Horan’s big moment to prove he wasn’t just a famous face, and he blew it.

The One Direction star caused a stir when world No 1 asked him to caddy for his round at The Masters Par-Three competition, the pre-cursor to the main event which begins today, despite the pair only meeting once in Australia.

The Par-Three tournament is a chance for the world’s best golfers to relax with their friends, families and fans before things get serious on Thursday, and McIlroy famously had ex-girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki carrying his clubs last year.


But this year it was a quarter of the recently depleted four-strong boyband that assisted McIlroy on the course, and come the ninth and final hole, it was his turn to step up to the tee.

Unfortunately for Horan, he shanked it. The ball flew wide left, and missed any dry land by about 20 metres as his ball plummeted into the dark depths of Ike’s Pond. But it was about to get much, much worse.

McIlroy asked Horan to be his caddy for The Masters Par-Three tournament

Horan and McIlroy tackle the Par-Three course at Augusta

Horan has a swing on the ninth hole

Fore Left! McIlroy can already tell where Horan's shot is heading

As McIlroy and Horan made their way towards Sky Sports’ presenter Kirsty Gallacher for a post-round interview, Horan’s feet gave way on the slippery pinecones and he crashed to the floor, complete with McIlroy’s clubs.


"I apologise to golf," Horan joked afterwards. "I do perform to a lot of people but we were performing to their parents today! There was a lot of pressure.”

He added: "There's not 60,000 screaming girls here."

Gallacher was on hand to interview the pair as they came off the course

He quickly regained his feet, but not after Gallacher had reacted in the only way a disappointed mother would.

“Oh no, Niall,” she remarked as he went tumbling to the ground.

The one shining light for Horan is the fall took the attention off his truly dreadful attempt at finding the green, but then this is the pressure of playing at The Masters.


Horan was quickly made fun of on social media, with celebrity friend Piers Morgan firing at the One Direction star on Twitter.


But credit to Horan, he got Morgan back immediately, as at least he can tick off the box that reads 'Caddy at The Masters', something Morgan has yet to do.