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We had a free run at it. If you try things and they come off, great; if not, it doesn't matter.
Nick Faldo explains his relaxed approached to a joint tournament-low 67

All we heard all day were messages going off. At the US Open we heard nothing. I'm sure it would not kill people to be without their phones for a while.
Brian Davis, put off his stroke by a mobile phone and three-putting the 16th

It's crazy. How can it be nearly two hours less when you're playing as a two-ball instead of a three-ball?
Tom Lehman shows his frustration at being asked to play his round in 3hr 32min

I was distracted by Jesper's electric-blue trousers.
England's Mark Roe puts on a brave face after being disqualified

It's the dumbest rule I have ever heard of.
Parnevik, also disqualified

The rules are the rules, but if they are not good you can think about changing them.
Former Open runner-up Jean van de Velde on the fate of Roe and Parnevik