The Open 2013 diary: ‘Dafty’ keeps David Lynn on edge


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England’s David Lynn will double check he has a full allocation of 14 clubs in his bag before he sets out for his second round today.

Lynn takes extra care because of the absent mindedness of his Liverpudlian caddy Wayne Husselbury, known to his boss by the nickname “Dafty”.

“Last week in Inverness he left behind a huge pot of shampoo along with his aftershave in his hotel room,” revealed Lynn after shooting a 79 in yesterday’s first round.

“Then this morning we were halfway through our half-hour drive to the course and we have to stop because Dafty has put flipflops on and left his trainers back where we were staying.”

New traps fall rather short

To make life  tougher for the world’s best golfers this year the R&A made alterations to around six holes, a good example being the first where a new bunker has been placed on the left-hand side of the fairway at 300 yards.

But, perhaps like Muirfield’s men- only policy, their judgement yesterday looked a bit outdated. The recent heatwave and rock-hard ground conditions put drives beyond 300 yards within the range of even the pro game’s shortest hitters.

The effect on club selection was best spelled out by Belgian big-hitter Nicolas Colsaerts. “I am probably hitting the ball 40 yards further this week with my driver so when I am on the tee I am thinking about the ball going 370 yards,” he said.

Hanson wastes Luiten’s place

There will not be too much friendly talk in the next few months between Swedish Ryder Cup star Peter Hanson and Joost Luiten at European Tour events.

On Wednesday Hanson told the media he had disc problems in his back. That did not stop him making his 2.34pm tee time yesterday but after five holes he dropped out – too late for Luiten, who was first reserve, to get to play.