The Open 2015: Jordan Spieth reveals his recent role as substitute grandfather

The family man takes time out to talk about his role as 'grandfather' to sister Ellie

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With his new found success, Jordan Spieth has seen less and less of his family. But while preparing for this weekend’s Open, in what will be his attempt to clinch a third straight Major victory, Spieth took a break from practice to talk about his family.

The two-times Major winner revealed to the media that he recently played substitute grandfather for his sister’s grandparents’ day at her school in Dallas.

While his family lives in Dallas, his grandparents live in Pennsylvania and North Carolina but were unable to make the event. Spieth stepped in to spend extra time with his sister Ellie.


Spieth told reporters: "My grandparents weren't able to make it down for a day or two because one lives in North Carolina and the other is in Pennsylvania, so I just went in there and I was just there to support her and hang out.

"I was picking her up, I went in early and they had a little party and got to meet some of her friends in her new class, and yeah, it was fun."

Spieth is outspoken about his family and makes particular effort to spend time with Ellie who was born with a neurological disorder that has left her with serious learning difficulties.

Spieth has previously commented on the frustrations of being unable to see his family.

"You don't have the time you do in high school," he said. "But any time I'm home I'm spending time with Ellie. I take her to school, pick her up, spend time at my parent’s house or she'll come over and hang out, my whole family will.

“When I'm home, I like to spend as much time as I can with my family because we're on the road so much, and I'm fortunate that I live five minutes from them, and it's very easy when I am home."

Spieth with the US Open trophy

Spieth added: "But yeah, I think, sure, I don't exactly have the same schedule as I did back when I lived there full-time…and went to school there, but I knew that that change was coming, and sure, I am embracing it and wouldn't change the position I'm at for anything.

“But certainly one of the hardships is less time seeing the people that you love and care about."

Spieth's strong family orientation has earnt him a lot of respect from fans and the golfing community alike.

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