US Open 2014: De Jonge’s 70 cuts insulting pairings pick down to size


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How does one put this without causing offence? Here goes. Brendon de Jonge shoved the brazen insults of the US Open pairings committee where the sun don’t shine with a second-round 70 that kept him in the bunch behind leader Martin Kaymer.

De Jonge’s effort puts a positive light on the capabilities of the larger male and exposed the crass decision of the United States Golf Association to group De Jonge with Kevin Stadler and Shane Lowry, a combined poundage of 705 according to official figures.

The USGA have a history of aligning players by class or theme, this might include former US Open winners, Masters champions, or, as in the 2011 example, the order comes by declension. I give you Thomas Levet, Brian Gay and Gregory Havret. While the rhyming amuses, the assembling of players by waistline is clearly offensive, a point Lowry made forcibly in his Irish newspaper column. “I think it is unfair on the three of us. It is definitely not drawn out of the hat, that’s for sure. What they did is making a mockery of us.

“I’ve always had a bit of extra weight. I have worked on my fitness, but people don’t always see that. I am my own fella and the important thing to me is that all my friends and family know exactly what I do and how hard I work.”

The insult did not penetrate De Jonge’s hardy Zimbabwean exterior. Stadler was hurt, however. “I think the USGA is a little mean and insensitive, but that’s just the way it goes. They’re invoking their five-year-old sense of humour.”

When asked to explain how in general he arrives at pairings the USGA managing director of rules and competitions, Jeff Hall, said: “I’ve got to be careful. We have some fun.”

Sure thing, Jeff, splitting our sides here.