Woods 'now better than ever' admits Cink after masterclass

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Stewart Cink declared yesterday that Tiger Woods is playing the best golf of his career after his fellow American struck 14 birdies in 29 holes to win the Accenture World Match Play Championship.

Woods posted the largest margin of victory in the event's championship match on Sunday, an eight-and-seven hammering of Cink at Dove Mountain. He now has seven victories in his past eight official starts and Woods confirmed his intent to win every tournament he plays this year.

Cink admitted he had been all but reduced to the role of admiring fan during the $8m (£4m) event. "He's just always in control – he gets mad but he never loses his composure," Cink said. "Tiger always stays very poised and he doesn't often throw away a shot. He has really learnt how to stay within himself. He regulates his heartbeat. I think we ought to slice him open and see what's inside; maybe nuts and bolts.

"You just don't see very much sloppiness out there. Just about any stat you pull up says that he's the best that ever played."

Woods, 32, has won 14 majors and 63 USPGA Tour events to leave him fourth on the all-time list behind Sam Snead (82), Jack Nicklaus (73) and Ben Hogan (64).

"This is certainly the best stretch I've ever played," Woods said. "I just have a better understanding of how to play the game, how to fix my game, and have a lot more shots than I've ever had. I worked on my short game pretty hard this winter. I didn't like what I was feeling at the end of last year, even though I was winning tournaments. You can always get better."