Gough set for action

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Darren Gough was ordered into the swimming pool at England's hotel last night as the physiotherapist, Dave Roberts, worked to enable the fast bowler to return against the West Indies this morning.

Gough went off four minutes before lunch yesterday with a strained back muscle, spent four hours on the table and was then sent back out last evening but only to field.

Roberts explained: "The regulations state that he could not bowl again until he had waited the same time he had spent off the field. We had to risk him so he can bowl tomorrow."

England thought Gough was injured hooking Ian Bishop, the ball that brought his downfall, but the injury was sustained in the second or third delivery of the second over of the West Indies' innings.

West Indies, 37 ahead with five wickets standing, were celebrating Bishop's return, after two years out with stress fractures in the back. "I was nervous but I was eased back in by the captain, not given the new ball and then allowed to bowl downhill," he said.

"It was a dream to play a Test in England. I may never be able to bowl sustained fast spells again, just the odd quicker delivery, but I'm working on using the ball, on swing."