Gould rages against radio and England

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It has not taken Bobby Gould long to learn an essential part of Welshness is to hold a grievance against the English. Yesterday, the morning after a good performance against Germany, the man from across the Bristol Channel sounded like he had been born and bred sharpening his claws in Tiger Bay.

The Wales manager's targets were the BBC (mainly) and Terry Venables (partially) which was tub-thumping stuff following a rousing display from his players against the team ranked third in the world. The Welsh had lost 2-1 but gained enough confidence for Gould to attack from strength.

Radio Five Live was his particular target and its attention on Wednesday night to reports on England's friendly at the expense of Wales, who, after all, were playing in a European Championship qualifying match.

"There's more countries than England," he said, "and we deserve more recognition. If I've stood up to anything in my career it's about being cheated. That national radio station needs to get its act together. I feel cheated for the players, cheated for the supporters and I feel cheated for the staff. It's a disgrace.''

Gould contacted the BBC on Wednesday and yesterday to express his anger and he will be on the phone again over the next few days to Lancaster Gate. This time it will be to continue pestering for a match between Wales and England, something he suggested to Venables within days of his appointment 10 weeks ago.

"I've heard nothing since," Gould said. "He's got dates available why doesn't he pick up the offer? It's a great game for the country. I think he's afraid of playing us.

"I'm going to keep knocking on the door because I know the match would be good for English football. He will learn more from playing us than he will with some of the games England have taken part in. We are not a second-class nation. We are a very good football side and we will prove it.''