Grobbelaar faces more pressure

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The man at the centre of match-fixing allegations involving Bruce Grobbelaar is ready to put more pressure on the Southampton and Zimbabwe goalkeeper.

Grobbelaar's former business partner, Chris Vincent, plans to call a media briefing in London this week with the knowledge of Hampshire police, who are investigating the original allegations.

Grobbelaar, the former Liverpool goalkeeper, was charged by the FA with misconduct after the Sun newspaper handed over a dossier of videos, interviews and photographs to the FA's chief executive, Graham Kelly.

Grobbelaar has protested his innocence from the outset, though, and the FA is not planning any further action until the police decide whether there is a case to answer.

The issue could drag on for several more weeks, and Vincent said yesterday: "My integrity is now being put to the test and I want the facts to be known. I shall make available further information not already covered by the media relating to my involvement in the Bruce Grobbelaar football bribery allegations.

"This will include background information of activities leading up to the videotaped meetings, my personal reasons for exposing the matter and other issues outside the scope of what has been reported to date as well as various details on what is contained in the videotapes."

"I brought this to the attention of the police and the FA in the first place. Now I want to see that justice is done. People think I'm on a get- rich-quick scheme but I want the truth to come out. Everyone seems to think I have some sinister motive, but that's not the case."