Hayles and farewell Post

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The Olympic hopeful Rob Hayles salvaged victory in the third stage of Thwaites Grand Prix five-day race in Bolton town centre yesterday. The Dutchman Tommy Post was four lengths clear when he crashed on the final corner of a 25-mile race fought out at 27mph, writes Robin Nicholl.

"I would have won but I was going too fast," Post said, clutching his broken crash helmet.

Hayles held off Mark Walsham, Jon Clay and a strong field, but with the race leader, Chris Newton fourth, Clay could pull back only one second in the overall standings. Newton won the morning time trial at Scorton.

THWAITES GRAND PRIX OF LANCASHIRE: Third stage (25-mile circuit around Bolton): 1 R Hayles (Ambrosia-Continental) 51min 39sec; 2 M Walsham (Gill Airways-Peugeot); 3 J Clay (GB Mountain Bikers); 4, C Newton (North Wirral- Kodak); 5 C Lillywhite (Professional CA); 6 B Fleming (Professional CA), all same time. Second stage (3.3-mile hill climb, Scorton-Harrisend Fell): 1 C Newton (North Wirral Velo) 9:00; 2 J Clay (GB Mountain Bike Composite) 9:13; 3 M Postle (Team Energy) 9:17; 4 P Curran (Optimum Performance RT) 9:21; 5 T Hayles (Team Ambrosia) 9:24; 6 P Manning (Carling-GB) 9:27. Overall standings after three stages: 1 Newton 2hr 28min 12sec; 2 Clay +12sec; 3 M Postle (Team Energy-Duracell) +17sec; 4 Hayles +19; 5 Curran +21; 6 Walsham +24.