Hockey: Britain blunders so costly

Australia 3 Great Britain 0
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Australia 3 Great Britain 0

Great Britain remain goalless and pointless following their third game in the Women's Champions' Trophy here last night when they were beaten 3-0 by Australia. They were again let down by poor finishing and lapses of concentration.

In the opening minutes, with Jane Sixsmith and Tina Cullen creating chances for each other without finding the net. Britain also wasted two early penalty corner chances.

A careless pass by Denise Marston-Smith in midfield allowed the Australians to break for the opening goal in the 20th minute, Karen Smith getting the final touch after Katrina Powell had paved the way. Eight minutes later a careless tackle by Lisa Copeland gave Australia their second penalty corner and the captain, Jennifer Morris, rammed the ball home.

Britain resumed in fighting form after the interval, but were unable to penetrate the Australian defence. 15 minutes into the half Powell worked the ball along the back line to set up Australia's third goal for Michelle Andrews.

GREAT BRITAIN: C Reid (Hightown); K Brown (Slough); J Empson (Canterbury), J Mould (Balsam Leicester), L Copeland (Slough); K Bowden (Balsam Leicester), M Davies (Sutton Coldfield, capt), P Miller (Balsam Leicester); J Sixsmith (Sutton Coldfield), L Wright (Olton) T Cullen (Hightown). Substitutes used: S Blanks (Balsam Leicester), D Marston-Smith (Clifton), L Newcombe ( Hightown), J Smith (Slough), H Rose (Sutton Coldfield).

AUSTRALIA: R Imison; J Morris (capt); J Haslam, R Garard, L Dobson; R Hawkes, K Starre, T Cole; M Andrews, C Mitchell-Taverner, N Mott. Substitutes used: K Powell, K Smith, K Allen, A Annan, C Maitland.

Umpires: U Lowenstein-Conen (Ger), M Kamisuki (Jap).