Hockey: Disappointing England

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IN spite of two spectacular goals from Chelmsford's Jane Smith, England gave a disappointing performance in drawing 2-2 the first of their two Tests against South Africa at Bisham Abbey yesterday, writes Bill Colwill.

After dominating the first 14 minutes England allowed South Africa to break out for Gillian Pritchard to scramble in a goal.

Within a minute Smith was diving in for her first goal after Tina Cullen's shot had been stopped by the goalkeeper, Denise Schaaf. Smith's second goal, after 23 minutes, followed a good move by Cullen down the right.

The visitors equalised in the 52nd minute through Kerry Bee while England were reduced to 10 following Cullen's temporary suspension.

ENGLAND: J Thompson (Ipswich); J Atkins (Bradford Swithenbank), H Whalley (First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), K Johnson (Balsam Leicester), C Cook (Hightown), M Davies (First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), S Lister (capt, Ipswich), T Miller (Clifton), J Sixsmith (First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), J Smith (Chelmsford), T Cullen (Hightown). Substitutes used: A Bennett, S Wright (both Slough), S Gibson (Trojans).

SOUTH AFRICA: D Schaaf; S Calder, G Daniels, M Dobson, P de Bruin, D Edwards, K Roberts, R Howell (capt), A Dare, G Pritchard, K Symons. Substitutes used: N du Toit, C Bentley, H Arnoldi, S Cormack, K Bee.

Umpires: G Clarke (Eng) and C Digby (SA).