Hockey: Dutch expose England's shortcomings

Netherlands 6 England 2
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England were given a lesson last night here when the Dutch Olympic champions tore apart their ponderous defence.

After Jaap Derk Buma had set the Dutch on their way in the eighth minute, the goals flowed as the fast breaking of Jacques Brinkman and Stephan Veen continually split the English defence. England's successful second- half strikes came from Phil McGuire's high flick and Calum Giles.

NETHERLANDS: R Jansen; E Jazet; S van der Weide, J Delmee, W van Pelt; S Venn (capt), D Bree, J Brinkman; J D Buma, M Eikelboom, T De Nooijer. Substitutes used: B Lomas and R van Wijk.

ENGLAND: S Mason (Reading); J Wyatt (Reading, capt); G Fordham (Hounslow), A Humphrey (Cannock), Soma Singh (Southgate); B Sharpe (Cannock), J Pidcock (Cannock), B Waugh (Southgate); J Lee (Old Loughtonians); R Garcia (HDM Netherlands); B Crutchley (Cannock). Substitutes used: C Giles (Laren), P McGuire (Teddington), D Woods (Southgate), D Hall (Guildford).

Umpires: C Peltzer & C Siebrecht (Ger).