Hockey: England beaten in Berlin

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England's young squad, despite two impressive performances, remain pointless after their weekend's efforts in the Champions Trophy in Berlin, losing 2-1 to the Netherlands on Saturday and then last night going down 1-0 to the world champions, Pakistan.

In an exciting first half, England contained the threat of the brilliant Shahbaz Ahmed while their wingers, Chris Mayer and Ben Sharpe, making inroads into the Pakistan defence, mounted a series of counter attacks.

With Julian Halls harshly penalised for an accidental foot, Alam Naveed opened the scoring with a high drag shot nine minutes into the second half. England then introduced Jimmy Wallis and Danny Hall into the fray and England's best second-half chances came from two penalty corners. Chris Mayer's effort deflected over the crossbar and then Calum Giles' drag was saved by Admed Mansoor.

Stephen Davies collected the first hat trick of the tournament as Australia outplayed India in a 6-2 win. Germany repeated their European Cup final victory against the Dutch with a 3-0 win.

ENGLAND: S Mason (Reading); J Wyatt (Reading), J Halls (Old Loughtonians); G Fordham ( Hounslow), Kalbir Tahkker (Cannock), S Hazlitt (capt). (Hounslow); C Mayer (Cannock), J Lee (Old Loughtonians), N Thompson (Old Loughtonians), R Garcia (Polo Barcelona), B Sharpe (Cannock). Substitutes used: C Giles (Havant), J Wallis (Teddington) and D Hall (Guildford).

PAKISTAN: Ahmed Mansoor;Mujahid Rana, Alam Naveed; Usman Mohammad, Mehmood Irfan, Mahmood Shafqat; Bajwa Asif, Atif Bashir, Shahbaz Ahmed (capt)., Akmai Sikander, Mohammad Nadeem. Substitutes used: Shahbaz Mohammad, Zaman Tahir,

Umpires: P van Reth (Neth) and S Qureshi (Ind).