Hockey: First-day Cover on scoresheet

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GEORGE COVER, Havant's 21-year-old striker, marked his international debut with a 28th- minute goal as England three times came from behind to draw 4-4 against Argentina in the opening game of their tour in Buenos Aires.

After conceding a sixth-minute goal to Rodolfo Perez, England fought back with goals from Danny Hall and Cover to lead 2-1 at the interval. Two goals from Rogrigo Vila and a third from Matias Vila inside the opening 14 minutes of the second half shot Argentina to a commanding 4-2 lead. Only two late penalty-corner conversions from substitute Calum Giles saved the day for the visitors.

Argentina: M Ronconi; J P Hourquebie; M Pellegrino, R Perez, C Retequi; J Lombi, D Chiodo, S Capurro; T MacCormick, M Via, G Orozco. Substitutes used: F Moresi; R Vila.

England: J Lewis (Cannock); M Johnson (Cannock), B Barnes (Reading), J Halls (Cannock), B Waugh (Southgate); J Wallis (Teddington), B Garrard (Teddington) R Garcia (Harvestehuder); B Sharpe (Cannock), D Hall (Guildford), M Pearn (Reading). Substitutes used: G Cover (Havant), C Giles ( Southgate); D Woods (Southgate).