Hockey: Garcia grabs the points

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ENGLAND collected their first points in the Four Nations' Tournament in Madrid yesterday, with the narrowest of wins against South Africa to finish third.

The Dutch, who thrashed Spain 7-0 yesterday, won their three games and the tournament, while South Africa came second.

England's disappointing form continued into the game with the South Africans, which was salvaged only by a second-minute goal from Russell Garcia at a penalty corner. Thereafter, it was much the story of the weekend - chances created with some strong midfield play but wasted by poor finishing. After Garcia's early goal, a forward prod by Jon Potter sent Rob Thompson goalwards only for him to shoot wide.

ENGLAND: D Luckes (East Grinstead); P McGuire (Teddington), J Halls (Old Loughtonians), J Potter (Hounslow), Soma Singh (Southgate), S Hazlitt (Hounslow), D Williams (Havant), R Garcia (Polo Barcelona), R Thompson (Hounslow), J Laslett (Teddington, capt), N Thompson (Old Loughtonians). Substitutes used: R Davis (Harleston Magpies), J Lee (East Grinstead).

SOUTH AFRICA: S Schoenegeval; C Pereira, C Teversham, P Logan, G Hartley, K Chree, W Graham (capt), G Boddington, R Pullen, G Nicol, M Cullen. Substitutes used: G Clark, C O'Hagan, M Anderson.

Umpires: X Adell (Spain), F Idenburg (Neth).